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Pennsylvania Gun Rights Restoration

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While the right to keep and bear arms is a fundamental right, the courts have held that it is not an unlimited right. There are several ways a person can lose their right to possess a firearm and ammunition. One way a person may become prohibited from possessing firearms or ammunition is through a conviction.

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My Permit Was Denied Because of an Old Arrest

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You completed your Concealed Weapons Permit (“CWP”) class and sent all the paperwork in. Confident that you were not going to have any issues getting your CWP, you submitted to a federal background check, passed it, and purchased a brand-new gun.

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Selling a Gun to a Friend Is Easy, Right?

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A private firearm transfer refers to a sale, gift, loan, or other transfer of a firearm between two non-licensed individuals. Private firearm transfers are common and entirely legal to conduct in Colorado.

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The Truth About California Ammo Law

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In 2016, California voters passed Proposition 63. As a result, California is now one of only a few states that closely regulate the purchase, sale, or transfer of ammunition. California laws related to ammunition sales and transfers go well beyond regulation under federal law. This article is intended to educate members about California ammo law and the additional state requirements that must be satisfied prior to purchasing and/or transferring ammunition in California.

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Selling Your Gun? Read This First…

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Universal background checks. Closing the “Gun Show Loophole.” Anti-gun activists and politicians at the federal and state level are proposing laws that would affect how law-abiding gun owners can buy and sell firearms. What does this current legislative push mean for you and your next firearm transfer in Texas?

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