Peace of Mind: Freedom Protection

Having firearms for self-defense purposes involves a dedication to being a responsible, law-abiding gun owner, and part of that responsibility is being prepared for a possible use-of-force incident. As a U.S. LawShield® member, you get not only the peace of mind that comes with having 24/7/365 access to qualified attorneys but also freedom protection. What does that mean? It means that here at U.S. LawShield, we believe in the importance of freedom—and we make your freedom our focus. When you’re faced with the hardest day of your life, we can be there to help. U.S. LawShield Independent Program Attorneys work for our members’ freedom through our emergency hotline by answering questions and in person by providing Legal Defense for Self Defense®.

Freedom-protecting features of your membership can include:

  • Multi-state protection
  • 24/7/365 emergency hotline access
  • Minor children coverage
  • Bail bond and expert witness coverage
  • Gunowner identity theft coverage
  • HunterShield®
  • Educational materials and seminars
  • Zero attorneys’ fees
  • Coverage for all legal weapons
  • Non-emergency access to Independent Program Attorneys

Being forced to defend your life is a difficult enough experience without making it harder with sky-high legal fees that can potentially lead to the loss of your home and other possessions. As a U.S. LawShield member, you’ll have zero attorneys’ fees for covered events—meaning no caps, no hourly limits, and no deductibles. Your coverage leaves you free in ways you might not have considered; the reality is, financial devastation is all too common in the aftermath of a self-defense situation.

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Other tools designed to protect your freedoms include state-specific educational materials and customizable Legal Defense for Self Defense. Your basic membership can be broadened to include some of the add-ons listed above; it can even be expanded to cover your spouse and minor children.

Peace2 2Your right to defend yourself and your loved ones means many things. As a U.S. LawShield member, it means you can have a qualified attorney on the phone before the police even arrive at the scene. You might understandably be wondering why you, a law-abiding person, would need a criminal defense attorney for an act of self-defense. It’s because the moment you’re given no choice but to use force—up to and including lethal force—to defend your life or the lives of your family members, things can change in an instant. There will likely be an investigation that may result in someone being charged, and to successfully navigate the legal waters of the aftermath, you can benefit from a criminal defense attorney working on your behalf. Let our Independent Program Attorneys do the heavy legal lifting.

Remember, U.S. LawShield isn’t there only for immediate emergencies; we’ll be there to answer your general self-defense and firearms-related questions. Members enjoy access to Independent Program Attorneys who are qualified to answer questions as the need arises.

U.S. LawShield isn’t only Legal Defense for Self Defense; it’s protection of your freedoms and rights. Guard yours by becoming a member today.


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