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New Texas Gun Law Proposals for 2021…

2021-02-02T11:06:43-06:00January 28th, 2021|Tags: , |

Each new year means law-abiding gun owners in Texas need to be on the lookout for the latest assault on the Second Amendment. Here is a preview of some bills and issues that have been filed and raised (so far) that are noteworthy.

The 411 on Getting Your License to Carry in Texas

2021-01-21T02:49:17-06:00December 18th, 2020|Tags: , |

Texas is well known across the nation as a gun-friendly state. People from other states think that everyone in Texas is armed to the teeth. Many of us are! What allows us to exercise our rights and carry our guns in public? The Texas License to Carry a Handgun (“LTC”).