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Frequently Asked Questions2023-03-06T22:13:36-06:00


What does your membership provide?2021-02-24T10:55:22-06:00

U.S. LawShield membership provides legal defense for self-defense should you ever be faced with lawfully defending yourself, loved ones, others, or your property. An Independent Program Attorney will provide professional advice and represent you throughout the full legal process, which includes a criminal or civil trial, appeals, or re-trial should that occur. Legal defense will be provided for all police investigations, pre-trial proceedings, and both criminal and civil trials.

The legal process and actions along the way often take a lot of time and money, and could even cause financial ruin for people, yet our members can count on us to stay the course without any limits to the time or caps on the money we spend on your case. Membership also means you’ll be joining a community of like-minded citizens and can attend workshops, training, take an online course, and receive relevant information and breaking news pertaining to the law, self-defense, gun ownership, and more.

Why does it cost so little for legal defense?2021-02-24T10:56:26-06:00

We do believe the cost of membership is very affordable, especially when compared with hiring a criminal defense attorney on your own. And even though it is amazingly affordable, our program offers a very comprehensive legal plan. In fact, there are no limits to the time or money spent defending you. Being affordable has always been part of our mission, ever since our founding in 2009 by attorneys who wanted to provide affordable access and legal representation to those involved in self-defense. Today, we remain focused and passionate about serving and caring for our members in an affordable manner.

What’s the difference between a workshop and a training session?2021-02-24T10:58:48-06:00

Generally speaking, a workshop is a hands-on active learning experience that breaks down an important topic and provides practical solutions. Our training sessions provide information and knowledge on a promoted subject in more of a classroom-like environment. In either case, our goal is to assist our community in being aware, informed, and educated in self-defense, gun ownership, protecting yourself, and the law.

How often will I receive your newsletter?2021-02-24T11:00:00-06:00

Our newsletter is produced and sent via email once each month.

What can I learn from the video library?2021-02-24T11:01:25-06:00

The short answer is our video library is expansive. Keeping you well-informed is important to us as well as our members. Our video library offers practical advice and critically important information on self-defense and the law, gun ownership and the law, and a range of related subjects. Being part of our community provides access to the most comprehensive video library on these subjects and more. All videos are professionally produced in our Houston-based studio, at locations around the U.S., or recorded live.

Why would I need your services?2021-02-24T10:48:37-06:00

It may be surprising to hear that most people don’t consider the act of self-defense a “crime.” But chances are all parties involved will be part of an investigation, and charges against either side may result. In an instant, you may go from having just protected the ones you love to finding your freedom is at stake. In that moment, you will immediately need to find, contract, and pay for a local criminal defense attorney. This would usually mean a lot of unplanned expense and even financial ruin for some. Therefore, our program supports self-defense planning and preparedness, and if ever needed, legal defense for self-defense. Further, our legal plan program provides legal defense for all police investigations, pre-trial proceedings, and both criminal and civil trials. Members find our program a very affordable alternative that provides peace of mind and immediate access to an attorney, anytime, if ever an emergency occurs.

How many legal plans do you offer?2021-02-24T10:50:44-06:00

You’ll find we have a singular focus on providing legal defense for self-defense and offer multiple plans based on the unique situations of our members. You can “build your own” legal plan to fit your needs, your household, and your budget. And if you work as a security officer, a first responder, or are a hunter, we offer plans that address the special risks and legal issues that can arise.

What if it takes many months, even years, to clear my name?2021-03-19T14:40:44-05:00

In many cases, it does take a long time to move through the full legal process. From the time of a lawful self-defense incident until the time your good name is cleared with a dismissal of charges, it can easily take 4 to 6 months. Even when criminal charges are dismissed, a civil lawsuit may result and add more months, if not years, of needing legal representation. No matter how long it takes, you can count on us to stay the course. Remember, there are no limits on the time spent and no caps on our expenses to represent you. You simply pay for the Legal Defense for Self-Defense Program. And please know, legal defense will be provided for all police investigations, pre-trial proceedings, and both criminal and civil trials.

What are Independent Program Attorneys?2021-02-24T10:52:23-06:00

U.S. LawShield® Independent Program Attorneys will represent you in any legal proceeding—criminal or civil—should you ever need to use a firearm or other legal weapon to protect yourself, your life, or your property. The 24/7/365 Attorney-Answered Emergency Hotline is available exclusively to our members and is answered by a U.S. LawShield Independent Program Attorney; your calls are confidential and are attorney-client privileged communication. The emergency hotline number is located on the back of your Member card, so it’s always close at hand when you need it.

Can I talk to an attorney in a non-emergency situation?2020-04-23T16:49:34-05:00

Yes, non-emergency access to Independent Program Attorneys is available to all members. For non-emergency legal questions, call our non-emergency Member Services number during our stated business hours and ask to speak to an Independent Program Attorney.

Does your company support any causes?2020-06-23T13:03:31-05:00

Yes, we focus on “rallying cry” issues that involve our members’ ability to protect themselves and their right to self-defense.

When are you having an event near me?2021-02-24T11:02:48-06:00

Please visit  https://www.uslawshield.com/seminar/ to find an event near you.

I just signed up, are you going to send me anything in the mail?2021-02-24T11:04:01-06:00

Yes. You will receive your New Member Welcome packet in the mail within 15 business days after signing up, which will include your Member card with the 24/7/365 Attorney-Answered Emergency Hotline number on the back.

How do I get a Replacement Member Card?2021-03-19T14:38:54-05:00

Give Member Services a call at 877-448-6839, and one of our agents will request a replacement card for you. You can expect to receive your replacement card within 15 business days after your request is submitted.

What is the E-plan?2021-02-24T11:05:18-06:00

“E-plan” stands for your Legal Emergency Plan, which gives you the opportunity to provide critical information to your Independent Program Attorney in the event of a covered incident. The Plan gives your Independent Program Attorney necessary details such as how to communicate with your loved ones, facilitate bail, and handle work obligations if you are ever ensnared in the legal system and cannot do those things yourself.

To take advantage of this valuable free service, go to the Member Portal to fill out your Legal Emergency Plan. The contents are privileged and are only accessible by your Independent Program Attorney once you submit it.

Where are you headquartered?2021-02-24T10:53:40-06:00

Our business traces its roots to 2009 and was founded in the state of Texas. We have team members and Independent Program Attorneys in every state we do business in, and our headquarters are located in Houston, Texas.

Is there a contract, and can I cancel at any time?2021-02-24T11:10:28-06:00

Members have the right to cancel their contract or policy and legal service at any time. Just call Member Services at 877-448-6839 to cancel via telephone, or you may cancel in writing. We will gladly refund your prorated unused membership fees or policy premiums.

What can this program do for me besides providing an Independent Program Attorney?2021-02-24T11:14:56-06:00

Beyond legal representation by an Independent Program Attorney, you will be joining a community of members receiving access to exclusive legal education, educational seminars and events, breaking news, member-only discounts available at various retailers across the country, and our 24/7/365 Attorney-Answered Emergency Hotline as well as non-emergency access.

If I have adult children at home, will they need their own membership?2020-04-23T15:19:09-05:00

Yes. Every individual age 18 and older will need their own membership.

Do I pay the Minor Child Protection fee for each child I have?2021-02-24T11:17:12-06:00

No, once you add Minor Child Coverage, all minor children living in your household are covered.

Do I have to register my guns with you if I get Gunowner Identity Theft Coverage?2020-04-23T15:20:14-05:00

No, we do not request any information regarding your firearms with Gunowner Identity Theft Coverage.

Am I protected in all 50 states?2021-02-24T11:18:24-06:00

With our Multi-State add-on, members receive the same protection in all 50 states, Washington, D.C., and Puerto Rico as they have in their home state.

Are you available in my state?2021-02-24T11:20:03-06:00

Currently, membership with U.S. LawShield® is available in every state except Alaska, Maine, New York, and Rhode Island. Please visit https://www.uslawshield.com/member-sign-up/ to see what membership options are available in your state.

If the program is not available in your state, please send us a message and let us know you’re interested and we’ll be sure to let you know when we open!

Do you cover Red Flag laws?2023-06-06T13:00:11-05:00

Yes, U.S. LawShield® members subject to red flags laws are eligible for coverage.

Is my membership or insurance policy in effect as soon as I sign up?2021-02-24T11:22:39-06:00

Yes, your membership or insurance policy is effective as of the date and time you sign up.

I don’t have a License to Carry in my state; can I still be covered?2021-02-24T11:23:38-06:00

Yes, Members are eligible for coverage if they use “any legal weapon” in a place they are legally allowed to possess the weapon for covered incidents.

Is there a limit to how many times I can be bailed out?2020-04-23T15:24:55-05:00

With the Bail Bond and Expert Witness add-on, you are eligible for bail for every covered incident.

Why isn’t the Bail Bond program available in my state?2021-03-19T14:44:23-05:00

Additional services, such as the Bail Bond and Expert Witness add-on, are evaluated on a state-by-state basis to ensure compliance with each state’s regulations. If you don’t see a particular service available in your state, rest assured that we are actively working to add additional service offerings in all states.

Do you cover bail bonds?2020-04-23T15:26:10-05:00

In states where the Bail Bond and Expert Witness add-on is available, members receive bond fee protection for bail up to $50,000 and an expert witness at trial, if necessary.

Do you cover damages in a civil suit?2020-05-01T12:48:33-05:00

U.S. LawShield® covers all attorneys’ fees in any covered civil or criminal case. However, there is no coverage for damages in a civil suit. This is because every state has some form of immunity from civil damages for justified self-defense cases. Our Independent Program Attorney will represent members to assert their immunity.

If there is a mistrial or the case has to be retried, is it covered?2021-02-24T11:25:09-06:00

Yes. Your coverage includes both civil and criminal trials and any re-trials that may be necessary.

Are appeals covered?2021-02-24T11:26:05-06:00

Yes. Coverage includes a direct appeal of any final judgment to the court with appellate jurisdiction and a further appeal to the highest court of appeals in the jurisdiction. However, it does not include an appeal that is frivolous, in bad faith, or for the purpose of delay or harassment.

Are you a reimbursement program?2020-05-01T12:49:35-05:00

No. A primary advantage of your U.S. LawShield® membership is that there are no out-of-pocket costs or deductibles for attorneys’ fees.

Will my Independent Program Attorney help me with topics unrelated to self-defense?2020-04-23T14:36:40-05:00

You are eligible to speak with an Independent Program Attorney regarding any general, non-emergency, self-defense related question. For other questions, attorneys may provide an appropriate response, where possible.

Is there a limit on the number of hours for defense under this program?2021-02-24T10:40:11-06:00

No. Our Independent Program Attorneys do not and will not put a limit on the number of hours devoted to your defense. Your Independent Program Attorney is there from the beginning until the very end, no matter how long it may take.

How many cases have you won?2021-03-19T14:36:10-05:00

It is important to recognize that every case is different (depending on the specific facts of the case and applicable state laws). What may be considered a “win” in one case may not be in another, and vice versa. Regardless, our Independent Program Attorneys have represented members from start to finish for virtually every type of case that could arise from a self-defense incident, including aggravated assault, manslaughter, and even murder.

Be sure to check out some of our member stories available on our website at https://www.uslawshield.com/video-library/.

How long will it take an Independent Program Attorney to get back to me if I have a question?2021-02-24T10:44:18-06:00

For non-emergency questions, members can expect a response from an Independent Program Attorney within 72 hours. In the case of an emergency, an Independent Program Attorney can be reached immediately 24/7/365 by calling the Emergency Hotline number provided on the back of your Member card.

Can I meet the Independent Program Attorney who would be representing me?2020-05-01T12:42:24-05:00

Our Independent Program Attorneys regularly speak at U.S. LawShield® events. By attending a U.S. LawShield event, you have the opportunity to meet an attorney who may represent you in a covered case. However, depending on your particular case and location, there is no guarantee that the attorney you meet at an event will be the attorney assigned to your case. Please visit https://www.uslawshield.com/seminar/ for more information on events and seminars in your area.

You are also welcome to speak with our Independent Program Attorneys over the phone for non-emergency, self-defense related questions.

What process do your Independent Program Attorneys go through before becoming a part of the program?2021-02-24T10:46:35-06:00

We rigorously assess the experience and background of all Independent Program Attorneys and pride ourselves in working only with those attorneys who are well-versed in firearms law and have direct experience representing the types of cases our Members may encounter.

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