U.S. LawShield Webinar: Emergency Declarations and Your 2nd Amendment Rights

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85 comments on “U.S. LawShield Webinar: Emergency Declarations and Your 2nd Amendment Rights

  1. Thanks for the information very helpful; especially with the insight behind how Martial Law, by the laws of this country can ever be implemented.

  2. You guys and gals always make good informative videos. Keep it up because the info you provide is definitely needed.

  3. It would be great when these presentations are given that the Presentor provides the links that are pertinent to the discussion. We as a people need to be very informed.

  4. It is a very good demonstration the fact that United States has a Constitution. Our founding fathers had the foresight and the wisdom to follow God. The founders of the constitution we’re cognizant of putting the second amendment in case of dealing with a tyrannical government.

  5. You guys and ladys is very good glad to be a member keep up the great work be safe stay safe
    Thank You

  6. Sad we went from something as simple as “Shall NOT be infringed” to over 20000 regulations and laws.

  7. I am a new resident of Texas, I have a valid CA drivers license and need to trade my CA license for a TX license. This COVID-19 pandemic has all Texas DMV’s closed. Since the DMV’s are closed, I can not obtain a TX drivers license or ID, and now I am stuck not being able to purchase a firearm in the state I live in. Even though on gun transfer form 4773 section 18b shows I CAN purchase a firearm with a valid government issued ID and proof of residency (county tax records ), every single FFL I have visited will not read the form and simply say that I meed a TX ID. So it looks like I will have to wait out this COVID-19 pandemic until the DMV’s back up.

    • Hello Nicholas, please see the response from an Independent Program Attorney:

      Yes, Texas recognizes Illinois handgun licenses for both open and concealed carry of handguns. Keep in mind that all Texas laws concerning how and where handguns can be carried apply.

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