3 Critical Stand Your Ground Rules in Missouri

Missouri has a law that allows citizens to defend themselves in public areas. There is not a duty to retreat. Sometimes referred to as a Stand Your Ground law, in Missouri, if you have a legal right to be in a location, then you also have a right to protect yourself if you’re in imminent threat of deadly harm.

That law also extends to the protection of others under the same philosophy. If they’re under imminent threat of deadly harm, then you can protect someone else. However, you cannot be in the course of committing a different crime (for example, you can’t be trespassing), in order to invoke the Stand Your Ground law.

Missouri allows you to defend yourself with the use of deadly force if you’re under imminent threat of deadly force, without a duty to retreat in public. However, there’s not a rule that says that you need to be 21 feet away from the aggressor or that the aggressor needs to be within 21 feet of you. That simply does not exist.

It’s important to remember that not all jurisdictions have a Stand Your Ground law. Missouri does and there are many states that do. If you’re traveling, be sure that you understand the laws of the state in which you will be.

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5 comments on “3 Critical Stand Your Ground Rules in Missouri

  1. Okay I live in Missouri and my I have a question hopefully someone or you can answer on the stand your ground law if someone is threatening me for instance and there no matter how far away from me but right let’s say they’re right in my face threatening to beat me up they don’t have a gun or it’s not showing and I feel like my life is in danger the guys look stuff he looks mean he’s angry he says he’s going to kill me or even if you don’t say he’s going to kill me if he’s going to beat me up and he don’t have a gun and I do can I protect myself with my gun???

  2. Playing with matches in a gunpowder factory there, tommy boi.

  3. A physical fight is not considered a life threatening situation, I’d keep my distance and let the aggresser know, look buddy I’m carry a gun back off, don’t show the gun, if worse comes to worse and he don’t back off, either run away or if your capable of fighting, then fight, chances are he’s not going to kill you, now if you are fighting and losing and you feel like he’s not giving up, he’s already won the fight but he keeps punching or kicking and you feel like if you dont respond with deadly force you are going to die, then defend yourself with deadly force, most people want to fight and after they won they back off

  4. I have a question. I live in MO. My husbands ex wife opened my car and pulled me out and assaulted me. Punched me multiple times in front of the kids and restrained me so i couldn’t call for help. Her statement says she opened my door and started a verbal altercation but I pushed her first. I didn’t. I was reaching to shut my door. But our prosecuting attorney says I can’t charge her with assault because it’s he said she said. My question is she opened my door to my car. Even if I did push her first wouldn’t I have the right since it’s an extension of my house?

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