The following is a video transcript. This is a reenactment and dramatization of an actual member’s story. This video does not and is not intended to depict or replicate the actual persons, places, or circumstances involved in the incident.

Our member, David, is a bail-bondsman and retired police officer. On the Sunday before Labor Day, David and his family were at the neighborhood pool when he and his neighbor started a verbal dispute that quickly and unexpectedly turned into a dangerous physical altercation.

“I asked to speak to this gentleman separately from his family about the rule he was breaking. We spoke probably 20 to 30 feet away from his family and from my wife. While we were talking, he became very confrontational, and I could tell he was impaired. That’s when his wife walked up and began to yell at me. I didn’t like the way this was going, so I took my phone out and started recording it on video.

Then the man’s wife knocked the phone out of my hand. When I went to pick up my phone, the man took a swing at me and actually punched the side of my head. At that point in time, I knew I was going to have to defend myself. I was able to punch him in the face twice before he was able to grab hold of me, and then we both landed on the ground. That’s when I realized my shoulder was broken.”

Initially, David thought his shoulder was dislocated. However, a trip to the hospital that night would reveal that his arm had been shattered in five places.

“After I was able to get him off me, I ran straight to my vehicle. I knew I had a taser attached to a tactical vest in the back of my vehicle. During this time, several people had shown up and essentially formed a barrier between us.

At that point in time, I was standing next to my vehicle with the taser in my hand and my wife by my side, when the attacker’s wife broke through the barrier of people, and the attacker came around the side of the barrier. Even though my arm was broken, I was able to use my hand to deploy the probe and tase my attacker.

Seconds later, my wife dialed 911 and informed them of the incident. She also gave them a description of my clothing, and informed them of the following: she told them where we were; that I had a taser; and that as soon as we saw the blue and red lights, I would put the taser on the ground. Then, she hung up the phone.”

The police arrived but made no arrests at the scene. Instead, they advised David to file a complaint, which he did, immediately. The neighbor and his wife were arrested the next day. That same day, which happened to be Labor Day, David contacted U.S. LawShield and advised them of the incident.

“I joined U.S. LawShield on September 1st, 2017; 47 hours later, my incident occurred. I did have some concerns that I would not be in the system yet since I had signed up on Friday, and it was Labor Day weekend. But when I called and gave them my name and my address, there were no hiccups.

They immediately put me in touch with Mark Edwards (Independent Program Attorney for North Carolina). When I called U.S. LawShield, no warrant had been issued for me at that point in time. Mark Edwards told me not to worry about it, and that we would handle it if something comes up.”

Unfortunately, something did come up. When the neighbor and his wife were released from jail, they filed a complaint against David, and David turned himself in that Tuesday.

“After I was charged and arrested, we did seek a meeting with the District Attorney to show him a video that was taken of the incident. After watching the video, the District Attorney informed us that they would not drop the charges because the magistrate had found probable cause. They tried to get us to work out a plea deal, but we decided against it and went to trial.”

At trial, the video of the incident was played for the court. As a result, David was acquitted of both charges, and the neighbor and his wife were convicted.

“Had I been convicted, I may have lost my bail bonding license, so I had a lot at stake in this trial. Mark was very confident that we were going to win. It’s easy for him, as an attorney, to feel that way, but it’s different for me knowing everything that’s on the line. These guys are really solid at what they do.”

But David’s trouble was not over yet. The neighbor and his wife began making threats concerning David’s children.

“After I was acquitted, my attacker and his wife warned our neighbor that my wife and I better watch our children and not let them out by themselves in the neighborhood. At that point in time, we obtained a restraining order against the attacker and his wife. They tried to countersue us for their attorney’s fees. North Carolina Independent Program Attorney Mark Edwards represented us in that action, as well.”

The court again sided with David, signing the restraining order and dismissing the countersuit, but David’s journey with U.S. LawShield was only beginning.

“After I was out for surgeries for my shoulder, I could no longer bail bond, so I had to find a way to make money for my family. Fortunately, the U.S. LawShield manager at that point in time for North Carolina offered me a representative position in Charlotte, and I took it.

I’m currently the North Carolina district manager for U.S. LawShield, and I’m also a LEO guest speaker. Now, here’s the best part, I signed up on Friday, the incident happened Sunday, I was arrested Tuesday, but U.S. LawShield did not charge my credit card until Thursday. They hadn’t even charged me for my membership dues yet, and they still covered me!

My name is David Harrington. I’m a proud member and employee of U.S. LawShield.”