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What happens if you receive a gun as a gift? Does it need to be registered? In Missouri, you are not required to register guns with the state. A friend or family member may gift you a firearm, as long as you are otherwise eligible to purchase and own a firearm yourself. Although some states require you to register firearms, Missouri is not one of those states.

Gifting a Firearm in Missouri

Under Missouri state law, a Missouri resident may gift a firearm to another Missouri resident. Out-of-state residents should check their state’s laws before gifting a gun to a resident of Missouri. Transfers of firearms between two parties that reside in different states must be done through a Federal Firearms Licensee. You may not transfer a firearm directly between two parties who reside in different states, even if they are close relatives.

Transporting and Storing Your New Gun

If you are leaving a Christmas party with a new firearm, carry your firearm safely as if it were loaded. If it is concealable, conceal your firearm so you do not draw undue attention. Remember, not to leave your firearm unattended or let it out of your sight. Keep it away from children; take it home and store it someplace safe. It is a good idea to record the make, model, and serial number of your new firearm in case it is ever stolen.

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