Biden’s Gun Control Plan Targets “Rogue Firearms Dealers”

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Recently, President Biden announced his new strategy to combat the rise of gun violence in the United States. This plan seeks to make federal funds available to local law enforcement, school programs, and programs designed to help former prisoners reintegrate into their communities after serving their sentences. The plan also “implements preventative measures that are proven to reduce violent crime, and attacks the root causes—including by addressing the flow of firearms used to commit crimes” and indicates that the government intends to “[s]tem the flow of firearms used to commit violence, including by holding rogue firearms dealers accountable for violating federal laws.” This begs the question: If “rogue firearms dealers” are such a nationwide issue as to warrant being mentioned in the administration’s new strategy to reduce gun violence, why weren’t they already being held accountable?


Could Your State’s Permitless Carry Make You a Felon?

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Permitless carry, also known as constitutional carry, is becoming much more common in the United States. Twenty-one states have now passed some form of permitless carry, and given the overall expansion of carry rights over the last 40 years, it’s not unreasonable to imagine a future where one might be able to carry in almost any state without ever having to complete a firearm licensing or permitting course. There’s conflicting data as to whether permitless carry results in increased or decreased violent crime. Still, there is one thing that’s absolutely certain: if you choose to carry a gun without going through your state’s permitting procedure, there’s a good chance that you may end up committing a felony without even realizing it—all due to the Gun-Free School Zones Act.


Missouri Takes On DOJ over Second Amendment Sanctuary Status

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A recent trend you might have noticed is of states passing laws that make them Second Amendment sanctuaries. The idea behind those laws is that local law enforcement or governmental agencies won’t be allowed to enforce federal gun laws that are stricter than state and local laws.


Why You Need a Texas LTC

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Now that the Firearms Carry Act of 2021—HB 1927, also known as Texas Constitutional Carry—passed, carrying guns without a Texas License to Carry (“LTC”) is becoming reality. If you’re wondering what that means for your existing LTC or if you should bother getting an LTC at all, the short answer is yes, an LTC is good to have. Read on for details about Texas Constitutional Carry, how to get your LTC, and why it’s such a great idea to have a license in the first place.


The Do’s and Don’ts of Flying with Guns

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With the pandemic slowly drawing to a close and a return to normalcy appearing on the horizon, it’s safe to assume Americans will be traveling more in 2021 than in 2020. And whether you’re new to guns or have been shooting your entire life, it’s important to remember there are very specific rules in place if you decide to travel by air with your firearm.



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It’s no secret that the legal system is often skewed against gun owners. You see it all the time; the victim who was forced to protect their life against a dangerous threat often ends up being painted as a criminal. And the financial, emotional, and mental toll it takes to defend yourself against these courtroom bullies? It can be well… astronomical.


You Were Just Involved in a Self-Defense Incident… Now What?

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Self-defense incidents don’t happen when it’s convenient for your schedule. If we knew when and where a violent incident would occur, we would likely avoid them in the first place, right? You win 100% of the fights that never occur. But since we can’t see into the future, we must remain prepared for a self-defense incident to happen when we least expect it.

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