The following is a video transcript.

Let’s address carry laws in Missouri as they relate to facilities that serve a dual purpose as both schools and houses of worship.


In order to legally carry in a church, you must have permission from the governing body of the church. If your church building doubles as a school, you will also need to follow the carry laws that apply to schools. Both sets of rules apply to a dual purpose facility.


For the purpose of the statute regulating firearms, schools are K-12 schools or any higher education institution. Church Sunday schools should not be confused with schools that serve for the purpose of state sanctioned K-12 education, colleges, or universities. You may not carry a firearm on school grounds without the consent of the governing body of the higher education institution, or a school official or the district school board, unless the person with the concealed carry endorsement or permit is a teacher or administrator of an elementary or secondary school who has been designated by his or her school district as a school protection officer, and is carrying a firearm in a school within that district—in which case no consent is required.

Remember, if you have a valid Concealed Carry Permit but accidentally carry in a prohibited place, it’s not a crime. You may be asked to leave and, if you refuse to leave, you may be cited for trespassing. There’s a maximum $100 fine for a first offense.

For more information about carrying in a facility that doubles as a house of worship and an education center, call U.S. LawShield and ask to speak with your Independent Program Attorney.