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Are you under a Stay At Home order? Have the gun shows in your area closed down due to the pandemic? Gun stores around the country are overrun with new purchasers and more questions than ever about how to conduct a private sale as an alternative.

How do you go about staying on the right side of the law in a private sale? How can you make sure your gun doesn’t end up in the wrong hands?

Background Checks

Generally in Colorado, the seller in a private sale of a firearm must arrange for a licensed gun dealer to conduct a background check on the purchaser. The gun dealer, if it chooses to provide such service, may charge a fee not to exceed $10.00. The licensed gun dealer must record the transfer in the same way it would if it was the seller and provide a copy of the results of the background check to the seller and buyer. The background check is valid for 30 days after receipt by the licensed gun dealer (i.e., the parties have 30 days to complete the sale).

There are several exceptions to the background check requirement for firearms transfers but they involve transfers that are not “sales”. These can include gifts to immediate family and temporary transfers while hunting.

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