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  • AR 15 Parts List

AR-15 Parts List: What Do You Really Need?

March 2nd, 2022|

Building AR-15s is often referred to as “Legos® for adults,” and while the general fit-and-create concept applies, there’s a lot more to successfully putting together a reliable firearm than making a Lego tower. When you realize how many parts it takes to build an AR-15—about 65 to 100, depending on configuration—it might seem overwhelming. Consider this your one-stop read to find out what individual components are necessary to build an AR-15.

  • How to Ship a Firearm

How to Ship a Firearm: Is It Legal?

March 1st, 2022|

If you haven’t shipped a firearm yet, odds are good you’ll do so in the future. Not only are guns shipped for sales, but they’re also shipped for repairs, custom Cerakote® finishes, and more. However, you can’t just throw your gun into a box and mail it using whatever means are most convenient at the time. There are federal and state laws in place regarding shipping firearms that you must know and follow. Remember, claiming ignorance of the law isn’t a valid legal defense.

  • Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence and Gun Ownership: Is it Legal?

February 24th, 2022|

A common question among survivors of family violence is “Can you buy a gun if convicted of domestic violence?” It’s understandable to wonder if a person who was convicted of domestic violence will be allowed to purchase a firearm. And while the short answer is generally “no,” the specific laws and potential enforcement—or lack thereof—tend to vary by state.

  • AR-15

The AR-15: Weapon of War, or Ideal Self-Defense Tool?

February 23rd, 2022|

Since at least the 1990’s, the name “AR-15” has been a staple of the national debate surrounding gun control and is as widely used as it’s poorly understood. If you ask a non-gun enthusiast in the United States to name a rifle, the AR-15 is one of the most likely to come to mind, either due to its popularity in video games, media coverage, TV, movies, or from real-life firearms experience.

  • President's Day

Our Patriotic Past: President’s Day

February 18th, 2022|

President’s Day is a federal holiday that occurs on the third Monday of every February. It was established to celebrate the executive branch of the United States government, and the Americans who served us there. The holiday has a long and interesting history stretching across nearly the entirety of U.S. history, from 1799 to today.

  • AR Pistol Brace

AR Pistol Brace: Fun or Felony?

February 15th, 2022|

Since 2013, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) estimates that over 3 million stabilizing braces, or pistol braces, have been sold in the U.S. With over a dozen designs available on the market, they are mostly meant to be used with AR-15 style pistols. Pistol braces are devices meant to improve the shootability of large-format, intermediate caliber pistols, without shouldering a stock.

  • Kyle Carruth and Chad Read

Kyle Carruth and Chad Read: A Custody Dispute Gone Wrong

February 11th, 2022|

What should have been a simple custody exchange turned into a deadly shooting caught on video. Did Kyle Carruth murder Chad Read, or was he simply defending himself from an unlawful use of force? Until the matter is decided by the court, there will be no definitive answer—but the existence of video recordings of the incident from two different angles has public opinion divided. A case can be made in either direction, but Kyle Carruth’s fate won’t be decided by public opinion. Ultimately, his fate—and his freedom—rests in the hands of the legal system.

  • How to Travel With a Gun 1

The Vacation from Hell: What You Need to Know About How to Travel With a Gun

February 4th, 2022|

It’s 9:30 PM, and you’re 20 minutes from your hotel. It’s been a long day of driving, and you can’t wait to flop face-first into your nice, warm hotel bed. This is your fourth state in three days, and you’ve started to lose track of where you are. Then it happens: flashing red and blue lights in your rearview mirror. Were you speeding? This article will explore how you, and your gun, might legally travel from Point A to Point B.

  • How to Buy a Used Gun

How to Buy a Used Gun: Laws and FAQs

February 4th, 2022|

When you’re looking for a new gun, odds are good you’re going to run across quite a few used options. There’s nothing wrong with buying a used gun, but there are some things to consider. If you’re wondering how to buy a used gun, what you may want to look for, and some legal considerations, we’re here to help.

  • What Is a Suppressor

What Is a Suppressor, and Is It Legal?

February 3rd, 2022|

Talking about suppressors can sometimes create more questions than answers. If you’re wondering what a suppressor is, why it’s useful, and how it works, you’ve come to the right place.

  • Home defense plan

Home Defense Plan: What Will the Law Allow?

January 31st, 2022|

Home defense is an important topic for gun owners, not only because it tends to be the primary reason many people own firearms but also due to its many nuances. When trying to make a home defense plan for your place of residence, you might be wondering what gun to use, how to store or stage it, and what laws might pertain to you when protecting yourself from a violent home invasion. Before planning practical home defense strategies, it’s a good idea to have a general understanding of what it means to defend your place of residence.

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