Peace of Mind: Multi-State Protection

Traveling is an important part of the American way of life. From family road trips to business trips to quick jaunts into neighboring states, Americans love to travel. Personal protection for travelers isn’t entirely about which self-defense weapon they take with them on the trip, however. In addition to the physical fight, defense-minded people need to plan to handle the legal aftermath of a self-defense incident. You’ve already selected U.S. LawShield® to prepare you for the fight after the fight, but how do you protect your physical and financial freedom if you leave your home state?

It doesn’t matter whether you travel constantly and are always legally armed or travel infrequently and never bother to carry a gun with you; the U.S. LawShield Multi-State Protection add-on is something every U.S. LawShield member should consider. Self-defense and concealed carry laws can vary wildly between states. Something that may be perfectly legal for you to do in your home state might be against the law in a neighboring jurisdiction. Having someone on your side who knows the laws of the state you’re in, or are traveling to, is a crucial bit of preparation for any individual concerned with self-defense.

Loading Car 300x300 2It’s easy to think that the only self-defense incidents that require legal representation involve firearms, but that’s not true. Every single self-defense incident that’s reported will result in some level of involvement with law enforcement and/or the legal system. When you’re traveling, you may be forced to defend yourself with whatever you have at hand, and U.S. LawShield covers you when you use any legal weapon in self-defense in a covered event. It’s important to know that even if you don’t have your gun with you when you’re involved in a self-defense incident, members who select Multi-State Protection still receive the same outstanding U.S. LawShield member benefits.

If you’ve been involved in a self-defense incident, you need a lawyer fast—and that lawyer needs to be familiar with the laws of the state where the incident occurs, not the state you live in. That’s why U.S. LawShield Independent Program Attorneys are such a valuable tool for members who encounter danger on the road. Any U.S. LawShield member involved in a self-defense incident will receive representation from an Independent Program Attorney familiar with the self-defense laws of the state where the incident has occurred. This ensures that U.S. LawShield members can receive fast and competent legal counsel at the conclusion of any self-defense incident they are involved in when they’re on the road.

The optional Multi-State Protection add-on takes the amazing coverage and benefits that come with every single U.S. LawShield membership and extends that coverage to all 50 states as well as Washington, D.C., and Puerto Rico. This gives U.S. LawShield members who add Multi-State Protection to their membership the added peace of mind that comes from knowing they’ve got Legal Defense for Self Defense® anywhere in the country.


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