• Glock 19

The 411 on the Glock 19

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The Glock 19 may not have been the first polymer pistol designed by Glock, but it’s certainly one of the most popular. In fact, in 2020, the Glock 19 was the top seller for some online FFL (Federal Firearms License) holders. What is it about the compact pistol that makes it so popular among gun owners from all walks of life? If you’re curious—or considering picking one up for yourself—you’ve come to the right place.

  • Second Amendment Supreme Court Cases

Key Second Amendment Supreme Court Cases

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The Second Amendment protects and reinforces your right to bear arms. But what exactly is that right? How is it defined by the law? As the ultimate interpreter of American law, the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) tells us what the Second Amendment does—and doesn’t—protect.Here’s a simplified breakdown of Second Amendment Supreme Court cases and their impact on our self-defense rights.

  • Has Gun Control Saved Lives

Has Gun Control Saved Lives? Here Are the Facts

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A question that often comes up on both sides of the gun debate is “Has gun control saved lives?” An answer of sorts can be found in studies and statistics, both of which present some of their own downsides and inaccuracies, at times. The simplest answer to this is the most obvious: Criminals behave criminally, and if someone is willing to break the law, creating more laws won’t stop them. In fact, those restrictions typically hinder law-abiding gun owners more than anyone else.

  • Assault Weapon Ban

Assault Weapon Ban: Pointless Politicking Preying on Ignorance

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Whether you’re talking about the 1994-2004 federal version, the 2013 New York and Connecticut models, or any of a handful of other state designs, Assault Weapons Bans (“AWBs”) have been a hot topic for decades. Supporters say they decrease crime. Detractors point to the fact that all types of rifles combined, represent 364 out of 13,927 in 2019 (just 2.6%)—a tiny proportion—of firearms used in homicides, and that assault weapons don’t even get their own category in these statistics.

  • Self-defense weapons

Beyond the Pistol: Self-Defense Weapons for When the Gun Stays Home

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When looking beyond firearms, it can be difficult to navigate the sea of different federal, state, and local laws regarding carry and ownership. It’s best to be safe and consult with an attorney (like a U.S. LawShield® Independent Program Attorney) before purchasing and carrying a self-defense weapon. Legal to carry doesn’t always mean legal to conceal without a permit, so that’s another factor to consider. That said, here are some options that are generally legal, and useful self-defense tools for when a gun can’t, or won’t, be available.

  • AR-15 Terms

AR-15 Words and Terms You Should Know

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There’s a lot of gun terminology out there, and it can be overwhelming hearing it used. To help you expand your gun language skills, we’ve put together this guide of words and terms you should know about the AR-15. After all, it’s a popular platform, so why not get to know it better?

  • Nevada's Ghost Gun Laws

Nevada’s “Ghost Gun” Law

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In December 2021, a Nevada state court judge invalidated portions of the new Nevada “ghost gun” law. The statute, which had an effective date of January 1, 2022, addresses unserialized firearms. While the court ruling suspends certain parts of the law, the ultimate fate of the law is yet to be decided. The law is surrounded by a sharply divided public opinion with gun owners, gun rights advocates, manufacturers, law enforcement, and gun control advocacy groups holding strong opinions.

  • AR 15 Parts List

AR-15 Parts List: What Do You Really Need?

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Building AR-15s is often referred to as “Legos® for adults,” and while the general fit-and-create concept applies, there’s a lot more to successfully putting together a reliable firearm than making a Lego tower. When you realize how many parts it takes to build an AR-15—about 65 to 100, depending on configuration—it might seem overwhelming. Consider this your one-stop read to find out what individual components are necessary to build an AR-15.

  • How to Ship a Firearm

How to Ship a Firearm: Is It Legal?

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If you haven’t shipped a firearm yet, odds are good you’ll do so in the future. Not only are guns shipped for sales, but they’re also shipped for repairs, custom Cerakote® finishes, and more. However, you can’t just throw your gun into a box and mail it using whatever means are most convenient at the time. There are federal and state laws in place regarding shipping firearms that you must know and follow. Remember, claiming ignorance of the law isn’t a valid legal defense.

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