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Let’s talk about the summertime carry of firearms. School’s out, the vacation time you’ve stocked up is burning a hole in your pocket, and friends and family are making plans to enjoy the nice weather. Can you carry to protect yourself and your family in the summertime environment?


Now before you head to the swimming pool, beach, lake, or the park, make sure you do your homework on safe carry and legal carry, especially if your summer travels take you out of Georgia. Remember, every state has different laws on the possession and carry of firearms, you must live by those laws when you travel in those states.

What does it take to safely carry and follow the law in the summertime? Let’s look at some specific examples for Georgia. Water parks like White Water, amusement parks like Six Flags, concerts on the town square or in major venues, and outdoor festivals can be a great time with family or friends. Some of these events are on public property, some on private. There’s a difference in how the two may be treated.


Remember, with a weapons carry license, you can carry on public property, subject to a few specific locations, like courthouses and mental health facilities, and a few others and you can carry on private property. Also remember that a sign declaring no firearms allowed on private property won’t necessarily keep you out.

However, if you are on private property, the owner or the person in legal control can exclude you or eject you if you carry a weapon. Places like Sun Trust Park where the Braves play may be private, but they also scan for weapons. If you are asked to leave with your firearm, do so. If you don’t, you can be arrested for criminal trespass.

Now when it comes to public locations like rivers, lakes, or beaches, again it depends on private versus public. Owners of private property can ask you to leave and you must do so. With state parks or state recreation areas, you may only carry handguns and only with a valid weapons carry license. That rule applies to federal parks in Georgia as well, but remember, you can’t carry in federal buildings, and that includes national park buildings and facilities. So, keep the gun out of the visitor’s center and, unfortunately, even the bathroom.


There is an outdoor area where gun owners can get burned if they don’t pay attention. Property governed by the Army Corps of Engineers is generally a prohibited place for weapons and your weapons carry license will not afford you extra protection.

What if you’re invited to a pool party? If a homeowner personally tells you he or she is uncomfortable with your firearm, even if you’re helping with the grill, you should respect their wishes and either cut your visit short or secure your firearm in your vehicle or your home, and upon returning to the party, turn the music up to 11.

Now this has been summertime carry laws. For any questions about carrying while having fun in the sun, call U.S. LawShield and ask to speak to your Independent Program Attorney today.