Police Chief Blames Gun Owners for Rising Crime…

A detailed report recently released by the Austin Police Department (“APD”) reveals that crimes committed with stolen guns are on the rise. But are gun owners to blame?

APD says they are.

The 68-page document gives an expansive overview of crime between 2014 and 2018 showing that murder, rape, robbery, and aggravated assault reports rose by almost 60%. Unfortunately, most of these common, inner-city crimes involved the use of a firearm.

Criminals can’t buy guns, so where are they getting them?

Based on the data APD reports, the number of legally owned guns in the city is at its highest, and the number of License to Carry holders in Texas jumped by 65%, to over one million in just four years. However, this is to be expected in a city that gains an average of 100 new residents a day. More people usually equals more possible crime… meaning a greater need to protect yourself.

So, is the responsible gun owner to blame?

Not exactly. Correlating with the increase of legally owned guns, APD also reports a drastic increase of guns being stolen, and many out of vehicles. But again, more gun owners equals more guns for criminals to steal.

“To see how many firearms are being stolen out of vehicles was a little bit surprising,” states Police Chief Brian Manley. “Leaving a firearm accessible in a vehicle is inviting someone to come in and steal that weapon… and I don’t think there is any gun owner that wants to learn later on that their gun was the firearm used in a violent homicide or assault in our city.” 

While reporting gun theft is not a legal requirement in Texas, many who do report it to APD state the theft is from their vehicle. There are many places in the city where gun owners cannot carry firearms. They are usually forced to leave them at home or in their vehicle, providing criminals an opportunity to break-in and illegally obtain them. 

For a city that is seeing a noteworthy increase in violent crime, the best solution may not be to leave your gun at home.

Often, APD determines gun theft to be the result of improperly secured and stored firearms. “Austin must do a better job of securing their firearms to help prevent crime,” states Manley. “That’s the only true safeguard against a criminal.”

As a responsible gun owner, it is your responsibility to take every precaution to protect your guns from theft. Criminals are already looking to break the law; don’t make it easier for them! This means you need to take the necessary steps to ensure your firearms are safely secured in your vehicle whenever you have to leave them behind.

Criminals are resourceful and sometimes they prevail, despite your best efforts to stop them. The data doesn’t lie: your stolen gun may likely be used to commit violent crimes. And when the gun is tied back to you, you may find the APD knocking on your door with some questions.

What can you do about it?

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23 comments on “Police Chief Blames Gun Owners for Rising Crime…

  1. Guns being stolen out of vehicles! Amazing they can’t figure out the primary cause of this is “gun free” zones.

    You know, like hospitals. In many cities there are hospital districts with multiple hospitals. You don’t have to be a genius to figure out this is where to go if you want to steal a gun out of a car!

  2. Owning a license to carry or just owning a firearm does not make a moron less of a moron. Besides the gas shortage and the shortage of supplies in grocery stores, there is one major shortage in this country which is almost never mentioned: common sense.

  3. Brian Manley is as incompetent as the rest of Austin city government.

  4. The solution is easy: Get rid of ALL “gun-free” zones throughout Texas. If licensed carriers are allowed to carry everywhere, they we won’t be FORCED by the law to leave our firearms in our vehicles.

    No matter how you secure your fireram in your vehicle, if a thief is determined to get it, he WILL get it.

    We need to vote these Democrat politicians out of office, and DEMAND that ALL “gun-free” zones be ABOLISHED throught Texas. The Democrats are purposely creating this problem with their “gun-free” zones, and then using it as an excuse to pass more anti-firearm legislation in Texas. Don’t fall for their tricks.

  5. Eliminate the no carry zones and gun owners don’t have to leave their firearm in their vehicle.

  6. Want to rid our great state of gun laws that do not pass the “common sense” muster and impede on our rights under the 2nd Amendment? It starts at the voting polls. Register to vote, then take the small amount of time that it takes to go to your polling place and actually vote Democratic and liberal law makers OUT of office. Sitting around complaining about it and waiting for others to do something will not change a thing. The definition of insanity in my humble opinion is the act of doing the same thing and expecting different results. Know what the issues on the ballots are and vote for the law maker who actually cares about YOUR best interest….not the “special interest” or the “politically correct”.

  7. 99% of all mass shootings happen at gun free zones (kill zones). Another reason to get rid of gun free zones.

  8. A gun free zone guarantees only one thing: everyone except the criminal is a sitting duck. “GUN FREE ZONE” announces that the sheep in that given area are gathered for the slaughter, and that’s simply nuts. Armed, competent, honest folks: reasonable and necessary.

  9. How about if you want a gun free zone then the place posting it has to provide armed security in all areas and also be liable for any damages, loss or harm done to anyone while there.

  10. I say the police are responsible for this crime and stolen guns. THEY are the ones that are supposed to stop crime. So it’s their fault my car is broken into. Unless I hand a gun to a person going to commit a crime or knowingly sell a gun to the same, it’s not my fault. That’s what I pay huge buck to have police protection for. My constitution gives me the right to defend myself. Anywhere I go!

  11. I recently took my wife to the Houston hospital to receive treatment. It’s a gun free zone, with valet parking. I didn’t want to leave my gun in the hospital parking lot. So what I did was quickly removed the magazine and pushed the disassembly button. I removed the top sliding recoil part and stuffed the magazine and the recoil part in my backpack. I left the handle and the barrel section hidden in the back of the car. When I got my car back I quickly reassembled my gun and for me it works.

  12. Why don’t we pass legislation a police department or sheriff’s department get raises based upon crime stats. Crime is up no raises. They have to meet their goals as we do in the private sector to get raises. Just because you work for a municipality or county doesn’t guarantee a raise.

  13. Police carry weapons to protect … THEMSELVES,
    not the general public …
    Gun free zones ???
    Get real, carry anyway !
    They’re not worried about your safety …
    so why worry about their illegal “gun free zones”

  14. Let’s refocus the committing of a crime back on the criminal. The criminal who broke into someone’s home or car is still a criminal. For that criminal to use a stolen firearm to commit a crime of violence clearly shows that criminal is a high level threat to society in general. Extreme criminal acts, like using a stolen firearm to commit a crime should be met with life in prison with no chance of parole. If prisons become overcrowded with high-threat criminals, euthanize the ones who have been in the longest to make room for the new ones.

    Harsh? Maybe. You’ll change your mind if you ever look down the barrel of a criminal’s gun. It’s happened to me twice. I have zero sympathy for dangerous or violent criminals.

  15. Here in Colorado Springs we see practically every night on the news security footage of somebody walking up to a car in the driveway and they just open the car door. What planet did these idiots think they live on where you DON’T lock your car???

  16. I am license to carry. I agree, voting is everything. Remove all Republicans, then we will be great again and hopefully ,we will not have the need to carry outside of our homes .

  17. Interesting.

  18. Maybe this is one of the reasons their motto is “Keep Austin Weird”. Their police chief is a liberal as the rest of Austin. Blame gun crime on the lawful gun owners. Feel bad for the innocent gun thieves who grew up disadvantaged.

  19. several really good comments: the best and only solution: ELIMINATE ALL GUN FREE ZONES. COPS CAN CARRY IN GOVERNMENT BUILDINGS but as one commenter said: Cops carry guns to protect themselves and apprehend, one way or the other, criminals and SO DO CITIZENS carry to protect themselves and others… we dont pull vehicles over or issue tickets but…we have natural rights belonging to us at BIRTH to self defense. AND OUR RIGHTS DO NOT… I REPEAT: DO NOT COME FROM THE 2ND AMENDMENT… NO THEY DONT. The 2nd Amendment is TELLING THE GOVERNMENTS fed n state what our rights are and that THEY SHALL NOT INFRINGE THEM… but they do, so… who really are the criminals ??? God help America

  20. To True American
    If you will still have the need to carry inside the home, as you imply, then there is still crime. Only dif is that now criminals are breaking in to your home and not stores. Go figure..

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