Generally speaking, it is legal in Oklahoma to carry concealed or open in a bank if the bank is not located in a government owned building such as at an airport, civic center, municipal building, or other government facility, such as a military base. If the bank is located on privately owned real estate, it is legal to carry into the bank building.

Be aware that a bank, as a private business, has the right to limit the carry of weapons and firearms on its premises under the Business Owner’s Rights section of the Self-Defense Act.


This means that a bank can control the open or concealed carry of firearms on its premises by placing a sign on the entrance. “No guns” signs and “no guns allowed” decals are often used by businesses to prohibit the open or concealed carry of guns at banks.

The placement of the sign does not create a gun-free zone such as a school, courthouse, or other government facility. If a person is caught carrying a firearm at a bank in contravention of the sign, the person will be asked to leave. Just exit the bank without a fuss. There is no criminal law broken. The mere act of entering a private business with a gun in contravention of a “no gun” policy is not a criminal violation.

However, if the bank customer refuses to leave, argues with bank security or management and the police are called, then the bank customer could be charged with trespassing and fined up to $250. The protesting bank customer could lose possession of the offending firearm, go to jail for criminal trespass, and have to hire an attorney to retrieve his or her gun.

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