The following is a video transcript.

What does the law say in Missouri if someone is breaking into your car on your property? Breaking into a person’s car is a property crime. Use of deadly force is not justified. Again, use of deadly force is not justified.

Use of Reasonable Force

You are justified in using reasonable force, but not deadly force to protect your property. It’s usually best to call the police in these circumstances. The protections of Missouri’s Castle Doctrine apply inside your dwelling, but not elsewhere on your property.

Use of Deadly Force

Missouri law does not require that you retreat from an aggressor. If that same person who is breaking into your car brandishes a weapon and you believe that you are under imminent threat of deadly force being used against you, you are then justified to use deadly force. If you shoot the guy who is doing a smash-and-grab on your car, you will likely be facing serious criminal charges yourself.

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