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As of November 1st, 2019 it became lawful to carry rifles and shotguns for self-defense purposes in Oklahoma. However, is it legal to customize your handgun, rifle, or shotgun intended to be used for self-defense? Generally, any and all modifications will be inspected and used by the prosecutor to try to benefit the state in a self-defense case.

Common Modifications

What is a common modification? Many people will customize their handgun or rifle by replacing the trigger or fire control mechanism. This can improve accuracy and enhance the shooting experience. There is no state or federal law preventing you from modifying trigger pull or installing an aftermarket trigger. But be careful with binary triggers, and definitely stay away from auto sears. While binary triggers are not illegal as of right now, some law enforcement agencies view them as machinegun parts. Machinegun parts, auto sears, and other automatic weapon components are illegal unless part of a narrow exception for machineguns manufactured prior to 1986 and registered with the ATF, so stay away.

Bump Stocks, Suppressors, or Silencers

Recent Justice Department regulations have banned bump stocks, making them illegal to possess or own. Even if a bump stock is not installed on a firearm, merely possessing one is illegal, and it must be destroyed according to ATF standards. Another accessory that is highly regulated is suppressors. Suppressors or silencers are not banned outright, but you must register them with the federal government with ATF form one or form four, and pay a $200 tax to legally own one. If someone asks you to buy their suppressor without proper paperwork, you should give them the silent treatment.

Vertical ForeGrips

Vertical foregrips are not permitted on handguns. With the growing popularity of the AR pistol outfitted with a pistol brace, many people ask about vertical foregrips. Attaching one of these to any pistol transforms the once-legal pistol into any other weapon (“AOW”). To legally add this accessory, you would have to apply with the federal government to make and register the firearm and pay a tax.

Pistol Stocks

Is it legal to put a stock on a pistol? No. Not unless you apply for and receive a permit from the ATF for a short-barreled rifle, because the addition of a shoulder stock turns the pistol into a short-barreled rifle.

If you have any questions about customizing or building a firearm, contact U.S. LawShield and ask to speak to an Independent Program Attorney.