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If you carry a firearm for self-defense, then you already understand that bad things can happen, and the best defense can be a proactive one. Self-defense incidents do not end when the police arrive, though; in fact, the physical fight for your life may just be the beginning. As recent events have shown, a fully justified use of force may be prosecuted, requiring long court proceedings and expensive attorneys’ fees that can financially crush the average person, even if they are exonerated in the end.

If you are not prepared for some of the legal and financial aftermath of a self-defense encounter, join U.S. LawShield® today and secure the best Legal Defense for Self Defense® in the country. You shouldn’t have to go bankrupt paying your attorneys’ fees to prove your innocence.

1. Low-Cost Membership

A USLS membership starts at just $10.95 per month. This valuable coverage costs less than a box of ammo, and it could potentially save you hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal defense fees.

2. FreedomProtection

You’ll have zero attorneys' fees, limits, or caps. Attorneys can cost tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars—but that’s all covered through your USLS membership. This includes legal protection for all covered events, including criminal and civil cases.

3. AttorneyResponse 365®

You’ll have access to our 24/7/365 Attorney-Answered Emergency Hotline if you ever find yourself in a position where you act in self-defense or lawfully defend others—even if it’s in the middle of the night or on a holiday.

4. Online Education

USLS members have access to an extensive online education library. Plus, you’ll have access to our video library that provides updates on some of the latest self-defense laws.

5. Events & Seminars

U.S. LawShield wants to keep its community armed and educated; that’s why we conduct seminars and workshops across the country. These special events—some FREE for USLS members—are led by experienced attorneys and firearm instructors who are ready to guide you on self-defense law and gun rights.

6. Members-Only Monthly Newsletter

We send out a monthly newsletter to our members, going over some of the latest gun laws, gun news, and legal updates. This helps our community stay informed and educated on their Second Amendment rights, which keeps them on the right side of the law.

7. Five Add-on Options

We offer five different add-ons to enhance your protection:

  • Multi-State Coverage
  • Gunowner Identity Theft Coverage
  • Minor Children Coverage
  • Bail Bond & Expert Witness Coverage
  • HunterShield®

8. Member Perks

We want you to have the best self-defense coverage—but your membership also has some fun perks, including potential discounts. You could get exclusive pricing at ranges, firearm shops, restaurants, and much more!

9. Emergency Plan

The Emergency Plan you fill out in your Member Portal provides an Independent Program Attorney with confidential emergency information, like who to contact if you’re ever arrested after being forced to protect your life. The E-Plan also provides you with helpful information in the What To Do After section, which includes information on the 911 call, speaking with your Independent Program Attorney, and invoking your legal rights on-scene after the police have arrived.

10. Legal Questions Answered by Independent Program Attorneys

Our Independent Program Attorneys love answering questions from members, and you’ll be able to ask them about things like gun law, self-defense rights, and some critical gun law updates!

11. Best Concealed Carry Insurance*

Everyone deserves legal coverage for self-defense—and U.S. LawShield offers you the best concealed carry insurance if you're ever forced to protect yourself or others. All legal weapons are covered, from your firearm to fists.

12. Peace of Mind

Placing a bow on our list, joining U.S. LawShield gives you and your family the peace of mind to go about your day. We want you to feel at ease, without the worry of expensive attorneys’ fees if you’re ever forced to defend yourself or others.

There’s nothing more important than protecting yourself and your family. By joining our community of members, you can count on our self-defense coverage, with meaningful options and benefits that could make a real difference.

*Not available in all states. U.S. LawShield and its affiliates offer prepaid legal service products. In some states, these products are offered by prepaid legal companies regulated under state law. In others, the applicable entity offers an insurance product. Click here for the details on the products offered in your state.

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