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Some people find out that we have guns—or they see a gun—and they want to steal it or take it. The first thing to know: in Pennsylvania, there is no state law for you to report a lost, missing, or stolen firearm. Now, there are some ordinances that are in place in Philadelphia, Lancaster, and some other places that require you to report it stolen within 72 hours. Our position has always been: that is preempted by state law under § 6120 of our Uniform Firearms Act.

From a practical consideration, when you first discover your firearm is missing, you need to call U.S. LawShield. We will develop a plan and help you think about where your firearm might be.

What happens if we can’t find it?

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If we can’t find it or we know it has definitely been stolen, it is a great practical consideration to let your attorney do the talking for you. What we can do, as your attorney, is make sure that you do not have anyone knock on your door, do some sort of interview, or try and twist your words around.

There is a difference of minds when it comes to keeping your own documentation of your firearms. One of the reasons why we do not have a national registry is because we, as a collective society, believe that it is no one’s business to know who has what guns and where they are.

There are some people that say “I don’t want anyone keeping a registry of my firearms,” just for that very reason.

If you do keep records, it is very important to keep them safe in some place that is not going to be subject to sticky fingers or someone taking a photograph of it and putting it on the internet.

If you have any questions, call U.S. LawShield and ask to speak to your Independent Program Attorney.

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  1. I have all forms from gun purchases and gun transfers in a folder in my gun/fire safe. I also have all firearms with all pertinent info listed in 3 separate firearms log books. Everything is organized by date. I never leave a firearm lay around unsecured ever. I always know where my firearms are whether I have one on me or locked in my safes . As a responsible gun owner you must always have your firearms secured. It’s our responsibility no one elses.

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