Hi, Evan Nappen here, U.S. LawShield Independent Program Attorney for New Jersey. Today I want to address the question, “Can I carry a firearm either openly or concealed in a bank?”


In New Jersey, we’re not allowed to carry a firearm outside our home, except under the narrowest of exemptions. And even then, it has to be unloaded, and you must be going to the range, going out to the field to go hunting, etc. There is no legal way for a law-abiding citizen to carry a firearm at all, because carry permits are a virtual impossibility – no less in a bank, either openly or concealed. As a matter of fact, if you carry a firearm into the bank, you’re going to be suspected of wanting to rob the bank and you will very quickly become the target of law enforcement actions against you.


So, don’t carry your firearm in the bank. Don’t carry concealed or openly. There is no exemption for bank carry. And if you are one of the rarest of rare folks who has a carry license, then the handgun needs to be concealed. Don’t openly display it, or there’s going to be suspicion that you are a problem. Be very, very careful. Don’t carry openly or concealed in banks.

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