Meet Independent Program Attorney: Evan Nappen

The following is a video transcript.

My name is Evan Nappen, and I am an attorney. For the past 30 years, my practice has focused on New Jersey Gun Law, and I have written five books on Jersey gun law. I am considered one of the authorities on the subject of gun laws in New Jersey. I have dedicated my legal career in New Jersey to defending what I call law-abiding criminals.

You will hear the anti-gunners talk about victims of gun violence, but New Jersey creates victims of gun law. The laws in Jersey are structured to make this happen, and I aggressively fight them every day. People find it hard to believe the severe penalties. It is up to 10 years in state prison with a minimum mandatory three and a half years, with no chance of parole.

The front lines on the battle for our gun rights are in New Jersey.

Again, my name is Evan Nappen, and that is what I’m about. That is my career, that is what we do at U.S. LawShield.

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  1. glad you can help some Jersey ites but the laws have to be changed to conform to the US Constitution… these legislators take an oath and then spit on it without severe consequences… that has to change.

  2. Well SIR we respondable gun owners appreciate guys like your self and others that fight for the right law bidding citizens just wanted to say Thank you

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