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Meet Florida Independent Program Attorney: David Katz

Growing up in New Jersey, the son of a Holocaust survivor, I learned government cannot be blindly trusted. It’s a citizen’s responsibility to stand up to an oppressive or tyrannical government. For example, when the Nazis came to power, they used gun records to seize weapons from their citizens.

In this country, we have a guaranteed right to own firearms. I believe this right cannot, as the Second Amendment reads, be infringed. However, in law school, we studied countless cases which infringed upon the Second Amendment rights of American citizens. Which is why I was immediately drawn to this area of law.

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I get the opportunity to represent Floridians who exercise their right to arm themselves under the U.S. and Florida Constitution. Nothing is more satisfying than defending a client who has done nothing wrong and you are able to end their wrongful prosecution.

I was excited when I learned U.S. LawShield was expanding into Florida. For nearly 10 years, my law firm has stood with U.S. LawShield. We pride ourselves in representing fellow Americans who share a passion for the Second Amendment. Oftentimes, they had to exercise their right to defend themselves and now have to brave the legal system.

Meet Florida Independent Program Attorney: James Phillips

I come from a strong military family. Growing up in the South, I’ve been around firearms my entire life. Being surrounded by people who fought for our country naturally instilled a desire to protect people.

My father always talked about his dream to be a lawyer to fight injustices in the courtroom. When I graduated from law school, I decided to become a prosecutor with the intentions of protecting citizens from criminals. I quickly realized the better fight is protecting the citizens against legal injustices, so I became a criminal defense attorney. Too many times I have seen individuals dragged through the court system for merely protecting themselves or their family.

Every case I handle is the biggest case. Whether I’m handling a murder case or a simple misdemeanor case, I treat them all the same because I know to my client this is the biggest case. When I began working with U.S. LawShield back in 2010, it was to help any of their Texas members if they were forced to defend themselves in Florida. Since then, I’ve had the privilege of being a part of the program’s expansion into Florida, and I am honored to serve as a U.S. LawShield Independent Program Attorney in the Sunshine State.

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2 comments on “Get to Know Your Florida Independent Program Attorneys | David Katz & James Phillips

  1. David,

    I too grew up in NJ (we now call it New Germany). In the 1980’s I served as a juror, and helped prevent abusive over-punishment of a defendant in a gun related case. Of the top 20 most violent crime cities in the US, NJ has 4 of them. A sad commentary on the consequences of suppressing the 2nd amendment.

    We certainly want to extend our thanks and appreciation to both you and James for being a part of our team of law abiding Americans who love our country, the Constitution it was founded on, and the rich heritage we all share. As much as we would love meeting you in person, let’s pray it doesn’t happen in court. Blessings to both of you!


  2. David and James,

    We are living during a politically charged period threatening not only the Second Amendment but also the continued free existence of the USA as we know it. Potential legislation at both federal and state levels across the country are not only infringing on the Second Amendment but are also impacting other freedoms of the Bill of Rights. Your service and that of the entire U.S. LawShield organization are needed now more than ever. I am grateful for your dedication to the Constitution of the United States and your expertise and perseverance in the defense of our Freedom. Thank you for your continued critical work that not only supports Floridians, but also extends to every American Citizen in this anti-constitutional political period the country is experiencing. Please DO NOT give up!

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