Home Invasion or Surprise Guest?

An intruder entered Isabella’s home, setting off an alarm — and a chain of events that led to a self-defense shooting and a civil suit. Fortunately, Isabella was a Member of Texas Law Shield, so she paid no attorney’s fees as the matter was resolved. Click the video below to watch Member Ambassador Sherry Hale cover the details.


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35 comments on “Home Invasion or Surprise Guest?

  1. Great example of why it is important to have lawshield ! Thank you

  2. Results of the civil trial would be good to know. I find it difficult for a “reasonable” jury to find damages against this lady if the relator failed to identify himself or anything else.

  3. Was she found guilty in this situation? I would hope the law was on her side, but since the realtor was legally able to enter the home what was the verdict?

    • Hi Brent,

      Thanks for the great questions! She was not charged criminally, thus there was no finding of guilt.

  4. That’s why one needs to identify the target (intruder) before you fire. A bright, compact LED flashlight kept with your firearm is a must in a home defense situation at night. If she did indeed address the situation as described, the realtor should have known where light switches were, and would have had them on ‘to show the house’

  5. Nathan
    What dont u understand !
    Civil case isn’t disclosed
    Texas shield protected her both criminally and civilly that’s what matters!!
    If her insurance company paid that’s fine has long she was protected.
    Of course there going be a civil suit.

  6. Why not? We don’t even know which case it is? I am trying to see if what I am paying for legal defense is worth it. If cases are lost because of inadequate legal defense, then I am maybe paying too much.

  7. Oh boy, people of questionable mental health are starting to show up here, The Realtor should have knocked and identified himself, We are receiving multiple warnings here about people claiming to be from utilities and after distracting homeowners, a second person robs the place, In Seattle, A so-called screen door salesman was rattling doors and then telling home owners he was selling better doors. Someone called police and he was sent packing, Police said they could not arrest him even though an actual employer was never identified,

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