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Sometimes accidents happen around the holidays. People can be injured, and it’s important to know the Good Samaritan Laws in your state. Let’s say, for instance, someone is carving a turkey, and they cut deeply into their finger or hand. What should you do to help? Part of that is your own personal choice, but you should know how the law could affect you.

In Missouri, you don’t have an obligation to render aid. However, you can be held civilly liable if you help someone and make their injury worse. That person could sue you. The best thing to do, if someone is injured and there’s time to do so, would be to call 911 and have a trained medical professional treat the injured person. However, if you decide to help that person, just be aware that you could be held civilly liable if you cause further damage through your efforts to help.

Let’s say you’re in a situation where someone else is in danger. The laws for self-defense in Missouri as they pertain to individuals also pertain to third parties. If someone else is in imminent threat of deadly harm, then you’re justified in using deadly force to protect themthe same rule that applies to you using deadly force to protect yourself.

Again, you could be held criminally or civilly liable, if a court finds that you are not justified in your use of force.

So get certified with our online First Aid Course for Gunshot Wounds through the U.S. LawShield 2A Institute, and we will teach you the specifics on the application of a tourniquet and other critical life-saving techniques.

It’s up to you. So take the initiative, pursue the knowledge, and learn those critical skills that are necessary to keep yourself and those around you alive until help arrives.