Today I wanna talk to you about voting and your gun rights. Now, you know, your gun rights and gun laws, they intertwine with voting, because as I’m sure you’re aware, this election; a lot’s at stake.

Navigating Demonstrations and Protests

But you may wonder “Hey, if I’m gonna go vote and with all the civil unrest and chaos going on, what can I do to protect myself if I need to go and vote in person?” And the answer is in New Jersey, not much.

Because New Jersey actually prohibits individuals from arming themselves for self-defense when leaving the home. So frankly, you’re pretty much vulnerable when you go out to a polling place. And many of these polling places have added restrictions because they’re in school zones, et cetera.

Mail-In and Absentee Voting

Now, the one thing of interest is New Jersey is going to blanket the state with mail-in ballots. Some are calling it the “cheat by mail”. It’s obviously already had problems as evidenced in Patterson, but it is in one way, an ability to avoid having to vote in person and maybe avoid protesters and crowds.

The question is, how will it be managed? Well, every registered voter is supposedly going to get a mail-in ballot coming to them. Now how this gets handled and how it gets done remains to be seen.

But you can take advantage of this and you can simply vote by mail, make sure that you mail it with plenty of time in. I would say to send it where it’s certified or something like that. So it proves that it was delivered. Make sure you get it in well before election day.

Protecting Yourself When Voting In Person

Now, New Jersey also does allow early voting, so you can check with your local place if you wanna come early and avoid crowds. And that’s something you can do. But unfortunately, in New Jersey, we’re not allowed to protect ourselves. New Jersey highly restricts gun owner’s rights when outside, and getting a carry license for New Jersey is virtually impossible. So when you leave your home, New Jersey has decided that you’re to be a victim, not a defender, so you remain vigilant, avoid trouble, and avoid the danger.

But one thing for certain, protect our gun rights and get out and vote.

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