True Story—Wrongfully Accused Member Arrested By S.W.A.T.

After avoiding a reckless driver, our member Joyce thought the worst was over. She soon found out the worst was just beginning. From phone calls with police detectives, to answering her door with a SWAT team gun directed at her face, Joyce had to face the ugly side of our criminal justice system. Watch our video to find out how U.S. & Texas LawShield was able to assist Joyce.

Law-abiding gun owners should never have to fear arrest and prosecution. Unfortunately, in today’s America, even the most upstanding armed citizens can and do find themselves at the mercy of a hostile system. Protect yourself. Become a U.S. LawShield member now.

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84 comments on “True Story—Wrongfully Accused Member Arrested By S.W.A.T.

  1. How do you sue the DA, local police, and the person who made a false complaint? You just dumped the story without an ending. Are you kidding…………

  2. This just goes to prove, ALWAYS,always be the first one to call Police when there is an altercation like this. An immediate 911 call might have stopped the whole thing. When you make the call then you are the one who speaks first. If someone takes a picture of your vehicle you should try to get a picture of theirs or at least the type and license plate number and file a report with the Police.

  3. Years ago, an applicant to the New London Police Department in Connecticut was disqualified for scoring too high (120, 10 points lower than is required to join Mensa) on a police department administered I.Q. test. He took the department to court. The court ruled it was OK, as long as all intelligent applicants were disqualified. A similar case followed in New York City, with the court ruling it was OK, too, as long as all intelligent applicants were rejected.
    Since then, the policy of disqualifying intelligent applicants to police departments is being practiced across the country.
    Are today’s cops intelligent enough to understand that they risk both their lives and those of all police when they abuse their power and follow irrational directives?

  4. Lesson learned, even in a situation where the weapon was drawn but kept hidden, call your lawyer.
    I had a situation like that and like Joyce I was able to escape. As soon as it was safe I called the police and gave a description of the other vehicle. I re holstered my Beretta when I got home.
    Nothing came of my situation, but it sounds like with Joyce that other driver never saw a weapon, she just made up the attempted shooting story after the fact.

  5. It seems to me that this is a clear violation of the Sixth amendment! If know one has followed up on that alone…I’m calling B.S. to the whole “story”.

  6. Okay, so let me get this straight.. The person who filed a complaint Claimed that SHE/HER CAR was shot at Two times… but she decided to go ahead and BLOCK the car that she claims Did this … to take a Picture of the car and the person who Took this report Beleived it?? Sorry, sitting here shaking my head… Don’t get me wrong.. I support the Blue in most matters.. but this one, Really?

    • The 6th Amendment doesn’t really apply in this case. She never went to trial. The case has to go before a Grand Jury first to determine if there will be a trial. This GJ determined it would not go to trial.

      As for the treatment of this woman, that was reprehensible in my belief, from the story that was told.

  7. I am a bit confused by this story. How would the other driver know the lady had a gun if it remained hidden in her lap and she did not get out of the car? I think there are many holes in her version of the story. I am also skeptical when of any story where one side is totally villainized and the other is perfectly innocent and proper. Would there also be witnesses to the incident?

  8. Since the false accuser took a photo which may show J was cutoff. Where was the full investigation and conviction of the real criminal??? The crooks get away again and again and etc!

  9. This is where you need one of those dash cams with sound. Then sue the crap out of the other person for everything you can.

  10. I hope you then hired a civil attorney to sue the municipality and the other driver who filed the false report. In addition, the local investigative tv reporters would probably be interested in the waste of taxpayers’ dollars sending eight police cars and a swat unit for something like this, with no supporting information.

  11. Just another proof point that our legal system has transformed to a model of “guilty until proven innocent”. Anyone can make any accusation at all now & the burden to prove innocence is all on the accused. The accuser seems to never be penalized. Completely backwards!

    Also shows how important dash cams are today!

  12. The exact thing happened to my wife. A woman committed road rage on her. When she avoided the lady and turned off, the woman called the police and said my wife had pointed a gun at her. Within an hour, the wonderful League City police called her on the phone saying this was not an investigation but just asking questions (this is always a lie). My wife cooperated (mistake #1) and answered their entrapping questions. The next day she was hand cuffed and roughly treated by 2 wonderful Harris County Sheriff Deputies. No other investigation was done. The lady who assailed my wife got free representation from Harris County. We had to pay $10,000 for a lawyer. It turned out that the lady had record of making these types of false reports. My wife was a semi-professional gospel singer and a teacher for special needs kids. She wasn’t even carrying that day. None of that was brought to bear in the case. She almost lost her job. We were hurt severely financially and had no recourse to avenge ourselves. My thanks to the lazy a** LC Police and the physically abusive HC Deputies for their harsh treatment of a wonderful woman and their lack of due diligence.
    Lessons Learned:
    #1 NEVER TRUST A POLICE OFFICER. They are NOT your friends. (This advise was given by our atty. A former police officer)
    #2 Be the first to call the useless police if you are in such an incident (1st caller gets the law on their side. NO atty fees!)
    #3 Get a dash cam.
    #4 Join Texas Law Shield before you are victimized by a police officer.
    P.S. To this date nothing has been done to the lady that falsely accused my wife. She’s out there looking for her next victim.

  13. I’m sure the friendly neighborhood SWAT Team publicaly apologized for their overuse of force for humiliating a woman who was old enough to be their mother. I’m sure the Gestapo, SS and all policing agency try to correct their errors after abuse caused by a testosterone surge. Honestly, how are their tactics any different than gang punks?
    What kind of pizza do police like best? Testosteroni.

  14. I’m sad for Joyce, but flabbergasted that a report of “shots fired” used to get a pretty rapid response. 6 weeks??? Had Joyce been a real hardened criminal, how much more damage could she have done? The detective who was offered the firearm for testing, does she still have a job? If so, why?

  15. Let me tell you a true story, played by Netflix. There will be many who recognize this case after listening to me. It happened in America. The case was a 17 or 18 year old boy who witnessed his mother being killed by a robber. Then he called 911. A few minutes later he was handcuffed for the reason he was the one who killed his mother. He calls 911, because he wants to escape. And he must go to jail. Although three years later, he was not fair but because of his time in prison he was severely depressed, after being released from prison, he committed suicide. So, do people think that if someone was the first to call the police when it was a problem, it was considered wise?

  16. From a former 28 year veteran LEO, always be the first to call the police.

  17. This is ridiculous. They had to roust this poor woman with full SWAT at 10:30 at night when they could have very easily accepted her offer to just come in? I’m in bed at 10:30 and would have been armed when I answer the door at that hour. This is wrong, needlessly humiliating, and puts people at risk. She should sue the pants off the DA, the lyer who filed the complaint and the city

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