In Fayetteville, NC, a Fort Bragg soldier was mistakenly shot in the chest by his wife after she mistook him as an intruder.

Zia Segule had left for work as usual and his wife, Tiffany, set the house alarm and went back to sleep.  But Zia wanted to surprise his wife with breakfast so he returned home, and as he entered through the front door the alarm sounded, which woke up Tiffany.

Hearing someone outside her closed bedroom door and fearing an intruder had broken in, she fired a shot through the closed door striking her husband in the chest.

Zia was taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries and has been released. He declined to speak in detail with media when he returned home that afternoon, but said “I’m good.”

Tiffany was taken to the Fayetteville Police station and questioned. Police believe that she was on edge after numerous break-ins in the area.  There had been four home break-ins and four vehicle break-ins in the eight days leading up to the shooting.

So, what is the lesson you take away from this story?