Traveling To or Through NYC? Don't Take Your Guns

New York City arrests traveling people who bring guns to the city’s airport nearly every week–even when the person has a gun license from his or her state, notifies authorities about the gun, and follows TSA procedures for flying with it. Click to watch John Stossel interview people who were arrested and see him confront the assistant district attorney who prosecutes well-meaning gun owners.


In its battle against guns, New York City traumatizes law-abiding gun owners who pass through New York and its airports with guns. One man was even arrested for traveling with an empty magazine.

Bills have been filed in both chambers of Congress to make gun permits valid in all states, which would prevent cases like these.

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Stossel interviews Patricia Jordan and Avi Wolf, who were arrested at the airport. Patricia had tried to declare her gun, which was unloaded and in a TSA-approved case. Avi was trying to declare an empty gun magazine–essentially a piece of metal with a spring in it.

For their effort they spent a day in jail. They were threatened with three years and six months in jail–the mandatory minimum for having a gun in New York. They spent months worrying about how to beat the charge. Each spent more than $15,000 in legal bills.

Eventually the government let them off with a violation–”public disorder.”

Stossel says: Give me a break. He confronts the Queens District Attorney’s office that prosecutes such cases.

Produced by Maxim Lott. Edited by Joshua Swain.


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First Aid for Gunshot Wounds 2A Institute

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6 comments on “Traveling To or Through NYC? Don't Take Your Guns

  1. You should also warn that if a flight is diverted to NY area airports or if you have a connection and the flight is delayed or cancelled, do not claim your check baggage. If you do, you could inadvertently end up in violation of the law.

  2. Another reason not to visit NYC…when travel dollars drop, politicians will respond.

  3. The TSA should be sued -heavily–for lying to law-abiding, legally licensed, gun-owners- about their travel requirements with guns. This is not acceptable. The REAL crooks/felons,- are the liars who state- bogus rules.

  4. Because they are crooked they fear the people because they know they are wronging them in many. Ways appearantly they have a guilty conscience why else would you fear honest law bidding USA citizens!!!!

  5. That’s why I would never live or work in new York. The district attorney should be sued by the aclu or judicial watch.
    I know it would not help but it would give him a taste of his own medicine

  6. The Sullivan Act which applies only to NYC, is the culprit. But getting rid of it will probably never happen. Too many lawyers in NYC make a living defending people who break NY gun laws. Tyranny of the minority. It’s easier to buy an illegal handgun in NYC than to bring one there, “illegally”.

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