How Texas LawShield Protected Me from my Neighbor

One Texas LawShield member found out what one of his neighbors would do after a neighborhood dispute turned into a violent road rage incident. Jerry N. was driving out of his neighborhood when a neighbor suddenly pulled in front of him and got out of his truck threatening to kill him. Watch our video to find out what happened next and how Texas LawShield was able to help Jerry through the legal aftermath.  

Self-defense incidents occur every day. Most of the time, you’ll have to defend yourself against people you know. Will you be prepared like Jerry? Become a member of U.S. and Texas LawShield, the legal defense for self-defense today.

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38 comments on “How Texas LawShield Protected Me from my Neighbor

  1. This leads me to believe I ‘have it wrong’. I have heard, more than once, ‘don’t pull your gun unless you intend to use it’. To me, that means if I pull my weapon, I intend to kill someone.

    I hear a lot more about weapons being pulled yet not a shot fired. Seems contradictory to me.

    If what I have been told is the advice, why then is the ‘neighbor’ not dead? Make no mistake, .. I am glad no one was hurt in this story … but I need to get my head right about this.

  2. Sounds like he was prepared to use it but elected not to do so… brave man and (in this case) a better result.

  3. My question is why was this even brought to trial? Seems that some DA had an ax to grind.

  4. Why was he the neighbor not found guilty of terroristic threat? It’s a felony Obviously the victim was an actual fear based on the death threats this falls under all definitions of terroristic threat which is punishable in Texas Weird. Sir do you need to make a police report for terroristic threat then call them That will end it right there

  5. #1 – Jerry should have filed a police report EVERY time the crazy guy either threatened him or a neighbor, or when he vandalized property. This sets the stage of behavior in the event things escalate (as they did)

    #2 – The best way to win a fight is to avoid it. Jerry could have and perhaps should have put that truck into reverse and gotten out of Dodge. Then file yet another police report.

    Just my 2 cents based upon actual experience.

  6. This makes me appreciate all the more the Texas Law Shield membership I have. I’m appalled a Tarrant County DA took this to court. They should have relied on the history of the aggressive neighbor and considered castle doctrine from the start.
    There are exceptions to every rule. The client did the right thing using discretion that incurred great risk and courage.

  7. What would happen if he got out of his vehicle and then confronted this aggressor with a weapon.

  8. It seems strange that nobody mentioned that the neighbor had a history of the same behavior and threats made numerous occasions in the past.

  9. J Booth, “willing to, or prepared to shoot” is far different from “intend to kill”. Especially if you actually end up discharging your weapon at someone.

  10. It’s good to know that he didn’t pull the trigger and TLS still covered him. No one ever wants to pull the trigger, I hope I never do… Good to know that everyone one here is still alive and the good guy was represented.

  11. if someone has threatened me repeatedly and suddenly confronts me like this guy did, there would be only one response from me and I would then contact Texas Law Shield to get me out of the ensuing contact with law enforcement but there would be only one side to the issue that would ever be told, unless a bystander happened to observe this. Then it would likely help my case.

  12. Police response to a call is to 1:sort out and neutralize the situation, and then 2: collect statements and evidence to document in their incident report. If there is ANYTHING that MAY POSSIBLY rise to the level of a charge, it ends up on the DA’s desk. The DA is the hired attorney for prosecuting all crimes in the jurisdiction, and gets paid/re-elected by getting as many convictions as possible. Remember, the attorney’s responsibility is to cause his client to prevail in court, and that is the DA’s only job, ie. to get convictions for the state at all costs. Right, wrong, fairness, justice, are not the focus of the attorney, only winning for the client. This charge and trial is then orchestrated and performed by the prosecution and defense before a “jury of peers”, which in fact can no longer can even exist in the USA. The 12 jurors are in no way peers. We are absolutely NOT peers, being compelled to uncomfortably serve the state as conscripted jurors, brought together from a variety of different values, cultures, beliefs, levels of education, with all our inherent bias and personal experiences which predispose us to each filter and interpret what we hear differently. How can this diverse group ever be construed as peers of the accused? The jury votes, then the Judge rules according to his discretion, and must please the community who elected him and signs his paycheck. Unfortunately or criminal justice system has devolved into a financial monster that preys on those unfortunate enough to get charged with something. I have seen many good people and their families who only tried to do right get destroyed by the meat-grinder of our corrupted legal system. May God help us!

  13. It seems to me that the “neighbor” committed assault. And when he attempted to open the door, he committed breaking and entering.

    Why was the neighbor not arrested and indicted instead of our defendants?

    In these types of disagreements, it seems that the first one to file charges has the advantage.

    Did Texas Law Shield advise on filing charges on the neighbor? If not, why not?

  14. A year and a half to get to trial? This is another example of what’s wrong with the legal system and why we’re pretty much forced to have a policy.

  15. It is good it was resolved, but I think a verbal warning to the aggressor should have been used. ” STOP. You are threatening me with bodily harm, I am armed and will draw my weapon if you do not stop. I am calling the police”.

  16. I would like to know what happened to the aggressor? Did the victim get a restraining order against the aggressor?

  17. I agree steven richardson. With the factual and historical violent history of the attacker over a long period of time and appearantly local law enforcement appearantly not prosecuting the attacker for previous assaults against this poor guy I cant understand myself why with the attacker blocking the mans car,threatening his life ,violently hitting his car how the da did not see this as self defense I cant figure it out if I had a million years. Its scary out there. Thank god for texas law shield.

  18. Sickening that he was arrested or brought to trial. The government is out of control in terms of abuse of power. What was he supposed to do allow this person to beat the hell out of him or to death?

  19. So what happened to the neighbor…?
    Was the neighbor arrested!?
    I certainly hope so and hope he’s in jail, but somehow I doubt it…

  20. Can Law Shield let us know what happened to the other guy. Did he walk, face any charges? Please advise. need more input.

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