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How We’ve Helped Our Members

These are just a few examples of the numerous real members’ stories that illustrate, if you own a gun, it can happen to you.

  • Incident Report – Member’s Self-Defense in Own Home

    A U. S. Law Shield Member was required to use deadly force to defend his property. The intruder, despite being confronted, charged our member. The case was referred to the grand jury and the member was ultimately no-billed. Member incurred no legal fees.

  • “I didn’t sign up for Texas Law Shield because at the time I thought I would never need it. I never expected to be in a situation like this. It ended up costing me thousands of dollars.”

    Robert J., Dallas, TX
    (Now A Law Shield Member)

  • shooter

    “After seeing what my friend went through after shooting someone in self defense [I knew I needed] Law Shield.”

  • Incident Report – Member Charged for Open Carry on Own Property

    A member was openly carrying his handgun on his own property – a perfectly legal act in his state– when a police officer arrested our member. The officer alleged that our member left his property while open carrying. Our program’s attorneys obtained a copy of the video from the squad car’s recorder. It showed our member never left his property and all charges were dismissed. Member incurred no legal fees.

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    “I cannot recall a more informative and supportive group, interested about member rights and responsibilities.”

  • Incident Report – Member Charged for Defending Their Child in Road Rage Incident

    A member at a red light was a victim of road rage when another driver started banging on his window, yelling, and making threats. With a child in the car, our member didn’t want any trouble; so he placed his gun in his lap, and told the aggressor to go away.

    The excited road rage individual shouted at our member that she was an off-duty cop and had our member arrested. The police charged our member with failure to conceal.

    The member had done nothing wrong. He was immediately provided a firearms program attorneys who worked zealously and was ultimately able to get a dismissal of charges. Member incurred no legal fees.

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    “The Law Shield Newsletters keep us constantly informed of the law.”

  • Incident Report – Member’s Job and Security Clearance Saved After Being Charged for Self Defense

    A member had his car break down in the middle of the road. When a driver with a short temper pulled up behind him, our member tried to wave him past, but the other driver was blaring his horn.

    Our member got out of his car and tried to direct the other driver past him again, but the driver was giving hand signals to indicate his frustration. He eventually smashed the gas pedal, hitting both our member and our member’s car, seemingly intentionally. Injured and in fear for his life, our member pulled out his firearm to try to defend himself.

    The other driver left, but onlookers called the police to report “a man with a gun in the road.” Charged with disorderly conduct, our member was going to lose his security clearances and his job if convicted.

    After being subjected to a lengthy legal process – charges dismissed on the day of trial. Member incurred no legal fees.