I Defended My Loved One—My Pet Part 2 – Texas

In Part I, we saw the actions Clint took to defend his dog from being killed by the neighborhood stray. Now, in Part II you will learn if his actions followed the law. Watch Independent Program Attorney Emily Taylor teach you the law, so you will know what to do if you find yourself in a similar situation.

Paul Ready: Welcome back to Part II of our feature on defending your pets. In Part I, our member Clint was forced to defend his dog against an attack by another bigger dog. Many of you have asked what the law says about how and when you can defend your four-legged friends. The answer will be different depending on the law in your state. That’s why we’ve asked the Independent Program Attorneys in your state to tell us more.

Emily Taylor: It’s a terrible situation to see another dog attacking your pet. But what does Texas law have to say about shooting a dog to protect your own. You have a specific statutory authorization under the Health and Safety Code to kill a dog or coyote that is attacking your domestic animals.

Texas Health and Safety Code 822.013 simply requires that the dog is attacking, is about to attack, or has just attacked your domestic animal. This same statute also allows you to kill a dog or coyote that is attacking your livestock animals or fowl.

Keep in mind this statute does not cover attacks on humans by dogs. If a dog is attacking you or another person, you have no statute to rely upon and will have to assert the defense of necessity.

Paul: For more information on when you can use force in your state, please go to GunLawSeminar.com and register to attend one of our events in your area. If you missed Part I of Clint’s story, you can click the link on your screen to see it. And as always if you are not a member we would love for you to join us at uslawshield.com.

Members’ Voice Video: Dog Attack? We've Got Your Back



U.S. Law Shield Member Ambassador Sherry Hale:

Fellow members, we’ve all prepared for that moment when we might be forced to defend ourselves. That’s why we carry our guns. But what if the attacker had four legs? I’m talking about dog attacks.

I love dogs. But if a dog comes at me aggressively, I do know how to defend myself.

Unfortunately, this is the exact situation Peter, a U.S. Law Shield member, found himself in. Peter told me that one day he was in his backyard, and he saw two very aggressive dogs that he felt were about to maul him.

He felt like he had no other choice but to shoot.

Unbelievably, Peter was charged with discharge of a firearm in the city limits. But on top of that, the negligent dog owners sued Peter civilly.

After a lengthy process, both of these frivolous cases were dismissed. And I’m happy to report, our member paid zero dollars for the U.S. Law Shield Independent Program Attorneys who represented him criminally and civilly.

Thank you, Peter, for sharing your story with us. Remember, this is one of many incidents that can happen to any lawful gun owner. Be protected with not only your firearm, but with U.S. Law Shield.