Don’t Get “Gun Burned” This Summer | Colorado

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Look out for “No firearm” signs

I want to speak today about upcoming summer plans and being at outdoor festivals and the like here.

We’ve got so many great things happening in Colorado at all times, so it’s important to think about “Well, how I am going to bring my firearm with me if I choose to carry concealed when I’m going to one of these events?” Don’t forget that when you’re at any of these events, normal Colorado concealed carry rules apply. So, if you are walking into an event and they have a “No Firearm” sign or they have a firearms or weapons checkpoint, you can’t bring your firearm in there.

Have your license and ID

Once you are inside of the event—let’s just say you’re at a concert and you’re carrying your firearm around with you—you need to make sure that you also have your CCW license and your photo ID with you at all times. If, for example, you put your wallet down and walk away from it but you still have your firearm with you, you could end up in a lot of trouble if you’re stopped by a police officer. If you are stopped by a police officer, you must produce both of those things at the same time.

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Beware of Unintentional Violations

Don’t forget that if you are at an event that occurs on school or federal property, you must make sure that you follow any prohibition about carrying firearms or other weapons onto those grounds. A lot of us in Colorado like to ride bikes or take bike paths to get to certain events, but sometimes those bike paths cross over federal lands and you could unwittingly violate federal or even state law just by the act of riding your bike to some of those places; so be very careful.

Alcohol, Drugs and Guns don’t mix

Once you are at the event, if you decide to smoke marijuana or drink alcohol, remember that if you are under the influence of alcohol or marijuana and in possession of your firearm, that is an offense in Colorado. It’s not a 0.08 or a 0.05 standard like we have with driving; this is a very subjective standard, so if you’re having even a little bit, make sure that you leave your firearm at home or in your vehicle.

Do not take any chances with this.

If you have decided you are going to smoke marijuana or drink (or you’re just tired of having your firearm with you at the event) and you want to put the firearm away in your vehicle, be sure that it’s unloaded and locked in your vehicle. If you don’t have the ability to do that, you’re going to need to go home and leave your firearm at home.

If you have any questions about this or anything else, feel free to call U.S. LawShield and ask to speak to your Independent Program Attorney. I’m always happy to talk to U.S. LawShield members.

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  1. Thank you for taking the time to make all your videos. Great information and situations one needs to consider while carrying.

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