• Gun Law Video Library

    Our Members have access to a firearms law video library in the members only area of our website. We continuously update our library and access is free to U. S. Law Shield Members. Here is just a sample.

    5 Reasons Legal Gun Owners Go To Jail

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  • Firearms Law Seminars

    President, Kirk Evans speaking on Civil Liability

    President, Kirk Evans speaking on Civil Liability

    U. S. Law Shield hosts member seminars that provide face-to-face time between experienced lawyers, firearms instructors, and experts in numerous areas of firearms law.

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    We host seminars throughout your state, so please come join your fellow members.  Seminars are also open to non-members on a limited basis.

  • Publications

    At U. S. Law Shield, we develop legal publications that are useful in explaining all aspects of firearms law. One example is our “When Can I Legally Shoot?  Knowing the Law of Deadly Force,”.  These fully illustrated booklets are designed to explain the law of deadly force in Texas, Florida, Colorado, Pennsylvania and Oklahoma so that non-lawyers, police and everyday folks can understand.  These booklets are available for purchase on our Bearaphernalia store.  U. S. Law Shield members may view/download our publications on their member portal or call member services for their FREE copy today.

  • Newsletters

    newsletter imageWe at U. S. Law Shield recognize the importance of information, especially as it relates to responsible gun ownership.

    As an ongoing service of U. S. Law Shield Firearms Program, we periodically send out newsletters with updates on gun laws and other topics as may be suggested by our members.

    The purpose of these newsletters is to educate our members about important changes that may impact them and their right to own guns.

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  • Guest Speaking Program

    Michele speaking

    Attorney Michele Byington at an Event

    As part of U. S. Law Shield’s commitment to education, we have developed a program under which we completely underwrite all the expenses for one of our firearms program attorneys to speak to community, civic, and business organizations or groups concerning various topics relating to firearms law.

    These topics include: “Where You Can and Cannot Take a Firearm”, “When the Law Allows the Use of Force and Deadly Force”, “The Castle Doctrine and Stand Your Ground Issues”, “Understanding Police Power to Arrest, Detain, and Search”, “The Law of Suppressors, Short Barreled Firearms, and Full Auto”, and numerous other firearms related matters. We want people to know the law!

    Our firearms program attorneys would appreciate the opportunity to come talk about the law to your organization, free of charge. If you have any upcoming meetings or events, we would like to speak to your group.