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Sealing Your Record

In Colorado, you can seal your record if a case has been dismissed, if you have been acquitted at trial, or the case is dismissed after the successful completion of probation that is subject to a deferred judgment agreement.

In Colorado, you can also seal certain convictions such as municipal court charges, drug convictions, or even felonies. The catch there is that you have to wait a certain number of years depending on the charge or the level of felony before you can do it. The process of sealing your record is fairly easy. You fill out a petition, file it with the court, and pay a $65 filing fee. We help clients with this all the time.

Restoring Your 2A Rights

Now, just because you’ve sealed your record doesn’t mean that you’ve restored firearms rights. If you’ve pled guilty to a crime involving domestic violence and been placed on probation subject to a deferred judgment, and that case is dismissed and sealed, you have still not restored your firearms rights under federal law, because under federal law that guilty plea is still considered a conviction. It doesn’t matter that the case was dismissed later on and the conviction was actually deferred. You need to be very careful about that.

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If you have any questions, you know who to call. Let’s walk through your specific situation and make sure that you’re doing this right. Again, we’re always happy to talk to U.S. LawShield members. Thanks for watching.

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2 comments on “The Criminal Record You Didn’t Know You Had | Colorado

  1. What about charages dropped in other States? Any need to worry about those?

  2. I don’t think this is right because a Deferred Sentence never enters the guilty plea. The Judge puts aside the plea, and if you finish the conditions of the deferral the case is dismissed without the Guilty Plea, or verdict ever being put in. I know because I have a Security Clearance for work, and had some drama about a dismissed case from years ago still being on my record. Long story short there was a paperwork mix up, my dismissed case was still showing as open. I called the court and got it all handled. I’m pretty sure I’m able to own a Fire-Arm now, as I was never actually convicted. Having a Conviction expunged is different, because in that Scenario the Felony went on the defendants record at one point. For instance if someone got caught growing weed in 1990, they could get it expunged today but it’s still a felony conviction and they can’t own a firearm. A deferral there was never a conviction. Many people take deferrals just to get it over with, even when there’s a good case to be had at trial it’s easier to ensure a clean record by taking the deferral and following all terms.

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