Photo courtesy of Marcus Yam - L.A. Times
Photo courtesy of Marcus Yam – L.A. Times


On Tuesday, September 12, 2017, Texas Governor Greg Abbott announced that Texans that lost or had their license to carry a handgun damaged in the recent storm—Hurricane Harvey—can receive a replacement card free.

In his announcement, Gov. Abbott said the State was waiving the usual $25 fee for a replacement card. Those with a private security board license to carry can get a replacement card free as well without incurring the $15 fee usually charged.

To get a replacement card, you can go to the following Texas Department of Public Safety website and log in as a “Returning User” and follow the instructions. Just fill in your Driver License number and date of birth for access.

To access the DPS website, click here.

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  1. I tried to do this and it still tries to charge me. What happened to replacing for free??

    • Hi Michael. Thanks for your question! Unfortunately, only the Texas Department of Public Safety can assist you with this issue. We suggest contacting them by phone and speaking directly to an employee of the Department.

  2. You can’t get the free replacement online. From their website:

    Residents who live in counties that have received a gubernatorial disaster declaration, and who are currently active Texas LTC or PSB license holders, are eligible to apply for free replacement cards. Affected customers must call the Regulatory Services Division contact center at 512-424-7293 for assistance in waiving the fee (This service is not available online). Cardholders should be prepared to provide proof of identity. LTC standard replacement cards would normally cost $25, and PSB replacement cards normally cost $15.

    For more information on the DPS LTC and private security programs, please visit

    For more information on replacement driver license and identification cards and surcharge deferments for those affected by the hurricane, visit

    For a list of the counties covered by the gubernatorial disaster declaration, please see

  3. I lost my mine 2 times just order another one but this time it made my summit that paper for the hours of class training I did is everything ok? I paid for it already kinda like doing the entire process over again is it on the way if I ever already provided them with everything once before and I already had t

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