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Dear Members:

U.S. Law Shield will soon be shipping our first-ever Florida Gun Law: Armed And Educated, a comprehensive handbook written to provide essential law every Florida gun owner needs to know!

It was written by experienced Florida attorneys David S. Katz and James D. Phillips, Jr. in a manner everyone can understand. The authors are passionate legal professionals and defenders of our Second Amendment right to bear arms.

Florida Gun Law: Armed And Educated is available for pre-order now!
Florida Gun Law: Armed And Educated is available for pre-order now!

Florida Gun Law: Armed And Educated explains black-letter law and how the courts have interpreted that law. It gives the reader a detailed legal analysis — with real-world examples — of specific laws important to firearms owners. Also, it clears up many myths and misconceptions about the state’s gun laws, including when a person can legally shoot, as well as what to do “after bang!”

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Some of the important topics covered include:

The law of justification: When can you be legally excused under the law?

The law of self-defense: When can you legally shoot?

When can you protect property with deadly force?

Can you use deadly force against an animal?

What does a jury think about using firearms in self-defense?

And much, much more!

If you’re a U.S. Law Shield of Florida member, you’ll need this book to gain a clear explanation of how the law came to be, how it’s interpreted for this state, and how it’s going to be applied.

For a limited time, U.S. Law Shield Members will receive 10% off their purchase of Florida Gun Law: Armed And Educated by entering the Promo Code LAUNCH at checkout. Because it could happen to you anytime, anywhere, make sure you know the law in order to protect yourself!

Sincerely, David Donchecz

Vice President of Member Services, U.S. Law Shield

First Aid for Gunshot Wounds 2A Institute
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