With summer vacations just around the corner, many of you may be planning a trip and will want to have your firearm along for protection. But having your trusty gun along is not the only protection you need—you also need the legal protection you enjoy with your U.S. Law Shield membership when you venture outside the borders of your home state.

U.S. Law Shield’s Multistate option only costs an additional $2.95 per month, and it provides the same legal protection you currently enjoy in your home state in all 50 states, along with the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. To enroll, just log into your Member Portal and add Multistate coverage to your program, or call Customer Service at 1-877-448-6839.

If you are not a member yet, sign up and add the Multistate option to get the most comprehensive legal protection for your journeys. Go to www.uslawshield.com to sign up or call Customer Service at 1-877-448-6839.

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