Oklahoma Legislature Passes Constitutional Carry, Awaits Governor’s Decision

The Oklahoma legislature voted on May 2, 2018,to expand gun rights for every legal gun owner in the state.
SB 1212 will allow anyone who meets the following criteria to now carry a legal firearm either open or concealed, loaded or unloaded without a license in the State of Oklahoma:

•  21 years of age or older;
•  Never convicted of certain violent offenses; and
•  Legally allowed under Oklahoma and federal law to possess or purchase a firearm.

The decision on whether to sign the bill into law now rests with Governor Mary Fallin.

There is a lot of support for SB 1212 among ordinary citizens, and the Governor is talking with all of her advisers, lawyers, and counselors in order to formulate a course of action. However, no decision has been made to veto or sign the bill, according to Governor Fallin’s Press Director Michael McNutt.

With SB 1212 being passed on the last day of the Oklahoma legislative session, the Governor has 15 working days to sign or veto the bill. If she decides to take no action,it will result in a pocket veto and the bill will most likely die.

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However, if Governor Fallin decides to sign the bill, it will go into effect on November 1, 2018. The new law applies to long guns as well as handguns.

Oklahoma will join 13 other states that have some form of Constitutional Carry laws in place: Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Idaho, Kansas, Maine, Mississippi, Missouri, New Hampshire, North Dakota, Vermont, West Virginia, and Wyoming.

SB 1212 will eliminate the eight-hour conceal carry course that introduced people to the Self-Defense Act and required four hours of class and four hours of gun handling prior to applying for a concealed carry license.

Further, it also eliminates the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation vetting of applicants for a concealed carry license. However, all of the laws related to prohibiting firearm possession by felons, juvenile delinquents, adjudicated incompetents, mental patients, alcohol/drug abusers, stalkers, and domestic violence abusers still apply. Anyone carrying a gun must still announce to a policeman upon official contact that they are carrying a firearm.

As soon as a decision is made by Governor Fallin, U.S. LawShield® will let you know. If you have questions about this law or any other, call us and ask to speak to your Independent Program Attorney. Happy Carrying!

—Robert Robles, U.S. LawShield Independent Program Attorney

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2 comments on “Oklahoma Legislature Passes Constitutional Carry, Awaits Governor’s Decision

  1. While I support CC until it is national there is one draw back- out of state carry. Without a state issued “license” there is no reciprocity. So while Oklahoman CC proponents may be celebrating now when they realize they can only carry in 13 states, not 39 they may not be so happy.

  2. So once again when a Constitutional law is to be singed like SB1212, the Unconsitutional states that choose to ignore our God given rights to reciprocity in all 50 stayed rears it’s ugly head. I figured there had to be a catch to our great State of Oklahoma trying to do the right thing. I think those states that refuse blanket reciprocity for all legal gun carriers should be cut off from any federal funding immediately. The Constitution is supposed to govern all laws not the other way around.

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