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Gunowner Identity Theft Coverage

Your coverage includes:

Assisting you in taking proactive measures

Call and consult with an Independent Program Attorney about steps you can take NOW to help prevent a future lost or stolen gun from coming back to haunt you.

Assisting you in taking reactive measures

The moments after you discover your firearm has been lost or stolen are critical. You can call and speak to an Independent Program Attorney before notifying authorities and making a police report. Additionally, you’ll receive assistance in retrieving firearms from police if they have been wrongfully confiscated.

Defending you

Should your gun be lost or stolen and later used in a crime, an Independent Program Attorney will defend you in a criminal or civil action. Just like our Legal Defense for Self Defense®️ Program, there are no caps or limits on attorneys’ fees for covered events.

Protecting your good name

What if you are misidentified as someone who cannot carry, or even purchase a gun? An Independent Program Attorney will work to restore your gun owner identity through all reasonable means, including requesting and obtaining a UPIN, a “Not Me” letter, and pursuing available administrative and appellate remedies.

Fighting Back Against a Stolen Identity

Personal information is hacked daily. What if your identity is compromised, bought and sold to a criminal, who purchases a gun in your good name? What if that criminal uses that gun in a crime? What if you are Suspect #1? What if your ability to keep and bear arms is destroyed? How will you untangle the web of incorrect information about you in the National Instant Criminal Background Check System? What will you do if you are accused of being the “bad guy”? Our members can rest easy knowing they won’t have to fight the legal nightmare alone.