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We Provide Attorneys For Gun Owners Who Lawfully Use Their Firearm for ZERO Attorneys’ Fees

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U.S. Law Shield Actively Fights To Protect Pennsylvania Gun Rights!

U.S. Law Shield recently sued the City of Harrisburg for violating state pre-emption laws. We take violations of 2nd Amendment rights very seriously, that's why this pre-emption case is so important. With the support of our 100,000+ members, U.S. Law Shield was able to win an injunction against the City preventing it from enforcing its illegal gun laws. This lawsuit is being led by the same program attorneys that will defend your freedoms in court should you ever have to use your firearm. Your membership enables us to be on the front lines to protect all of your 2nd Amendment rights!

Why have over 100,000 gun owners joined U.S. Law Shield...

  1. 24/7/365 Attorney Answered Emergency Hotline
  2. Members Pay ZERO Attorneys' Fees!
  3. Experienced Independent Firearms Program Attorneys
  4. No Coverage Caps - Both Criminal & Civil Trials Covered
  5. Over 100,000 Members Strong. This Many Gun Owners Can't Be Wrong!
  6. Extremely Affordable... Membership Only $10.95 Per Month!
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We have a 100% member satisfaction guarantee

What Gun Owners Are Saying

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We have a 100% member satisfaction guarantee


  1. Emergency Attorney Access

    If you have a firearm incident call the emergency hotline and an attorney will answer 24/7/365. The seconds after a use of firearm incident are critical and having immediate attorney guidance might make the difference between freedom and prison.
  2. Legal Representation

    An independent firearms program attorney will assist and defend you from the moment you need it, if you "use" a firearm, whether you pull the trigger or not. Your lawyer will represent you in any legal proceeding (criminal or civil), for zero attorneys' fees. No cap or limit on attorney time.
  3. Experienced Attorneys

    Our independent firearms program attorneys, located throughout the state, are experienced lawyers in their field and care deeply about all of our Second Amendment rights and the zealous representation of our Members - their clients.
  4. Ask An Attorney

    Have a non-emergency firearms legal question? Members can call the office and speak to an attorney! Get answers and advice from those who are experienced in firearms laws. You can also post your question in the Ask The Attorneys forum.
  5. Legal Updates

    Receive periodic updates on laws affecting gun owners' rights and changes in firearms law. A legal gun owner who is unfamiliar with a new law can accidentally do something very illegal. Stay up to date and stay legal!
  6. Peace Of Mind

    NO worrying about outrageous legal fees. NO worrying about finding an experienced attorney. Criminal and civil, we've got your back with comprehensive legal coverage.
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Still not convinced yet? Neither was Robert...

"I didn't sign up for U.S. Law Shield because I thought I would never need it. It ended up costing me several thousand dollars!"

- Robert J. DALLAS, TX

The typical attorney bills between $200 and $600 an hour!

As a U.S. Law Shield Member, you will pay ZERO attorneys' fees for any use of a firearm incident.

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The police aren't there to establish your innocence, that's your attorney's job

"We do not determine guilt or innocence at a scene"

- Police Captain Cris Andersen

It is NOT the role of the police to determine your innocence!

Even if you have done nothing wrong, after a user of a firearm it is highly probable you will be arrested (or later charged with a crime) and need an attorney to establish your innocence.

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