Your Comprehensive Self Defense Coverage Includes

Unlimited Legal Defense
for Criminal & Civil Cases

No Limits, No Caps &
24/7/365 Attorney Answered Hotline

Nationwide Coverage Available,
Including D.C and Puerto Rico

300,000 Members Strong & Growing

Coverage for ALL Legal Weapons
Used In Self Defense

Legal Defense for Self-Defense

You don't need to worry about paying for an attorney if you have to act in self-defense.

Premium Legal Coverage; Affordable Pricing

You pay NO additional fees for covered events. No limits & no tiers. Just $10.95 a month!

24/7/365 Attorney Answered Hotline

You get professional legal advice when you need it most - not an overseas call center.


so you can



Attorney Answered Hotline

Having an attorney answer your call means immediate access to professional legal advice with attorney-client privilege, to protect you from the start.

Your Independent Program Attorney is local to your area and completely familiar with the laws, regulations, statutes, and rights that apply to you.

Your Attorney will walk with you through the process, provide you with advice and help you navigate the legal systems as painlessly as possible.

Shaun Dotson

U.S. LawShield® Director of Member Services

I feel proud to be a U.S. LawShield member. As Director of Member Services, I’m privileged to witness the positive impacts we have on people and I love having the ability to serve our members daily."

Member Benefits

Insightful Seminars

Face-to-face experience with seasoned attorneys, firearms instructors, members of law enforcement, and experts in all areas of self-defense law

Special A-Team Treatment & Perks

Special offers and discounts on goods and services available only to our members


Informing & Empowering You To Be A Better Armed Citizen

Seminars & Workshops

  • Face-to-face time with experienced attorneys, instructors, and other professionals knowledgeable in numerous areas of self-defense law

Armed and Educated Handbook

  • We literally wrote the book on gun law in each state
  • Critical information every gun owner should know
  • Written by experienced attorneys in easy-to-understand language
  • These books are not just recitation of statutes; they provide actual legal analysis with real-life examples to explain complex laws

Self-Defense Video Library

  • Member access to a regularly updated self-defense law video library

Special Reports

  • Legal publications that explain all aspects of self-defense law


  • Stay up-to-date with self-defense law changes, current events, and more
  • Read member stories and the latest in self-defense protection

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