Facility Spotlight: Sonoran Desert Institute

Local 2A-friendly facilities are the lifeblood of our program and our community. These businesses and organizations provide a unique opportunity for us to meet and get to know our U.S. & Texas LawShield member family in a welcoming, responsible, gun-friendly environment.

This week, we’re taking a look at Sonoran Desert Institute (SDI), based in Tempe, AZ, and what their team can offer you as a local 2A leader in your community.

Sonoran Desert Institute

Founded in 2000 and accredited in 2004, Sonoran Desert Institute is a private, post-secondary college with the goal of providing students with the latest, firearms industry-driven, higher education programs, delivered online and featuring practical application.

Students are offered the opportunity to achieve an Associate Degree of Science in Firearms Technology and an Advanced Gunsmithing Certificate program. Available course topics include: customizing & woodworking, armorer skills and functions, shooting sports management, stock-checkering, muzzleloader build, kydex forming, scope mounting, and more.

SDI is proud that a majority of its students are active duty military or veteran students and works hard to deliver comprehensive, relevant coursework that students enjoy.

Sonoran Desert Institute Curriculum

Associate of Science in Firearms Technology

SDI’s Associate of Science in Firearms Technology program is a 60-semester-hour program. Students do not have to travel or relocate to gain coveted credentials and expert knowledge about the firearms industry. There are only a handful of firearms degree programs in the United States.

Courses include everything from ballistics, gunsmithing tools, firearm inspections, and general courses in business, communication, science, and math.

“My decision to attend Sonoran Desert Institute definitely changed my life. Since beginning classes at SDI, I have become a certified Patrol Rifle Instructor and started my own business. My education from Sonoran Desert Institute gave me new skills and confidence to pursue a career in the firearms industry.” – Graduate, Patrick Kimball

Advanced Gunsmithing Certificate Program

“I actually really enjoyed my time with SDI. Initially going into things, I was a bit arrogant and didn’t really think I’d end up learning much. I knew having a certification or degree in the field would set me apart from the other gunsmiths in the area and that was my main motivation for enrolling. I was quite happy to find out I didn’t know half as much as I thought I did, and not only did I learn a lot while attending, but I was able to ask myself the right questions and really ensure that gunsmithing was the correct career choice for me. Graduating despite adversity was really just the cherry on top of everything.”  – Graduate, Josh Stevens

In SDI’s 32-credit Advanced Gunsmithing Certificate, students gain valuable knowledge on operating a gunsmithing business. By successfully completing the certificate program, students will be able to perform the basic functions of an armorer, improve firearms, and much more. Another graduate states:

“SDI has been a great school! Very helpful and supportive whenever I have called in or emailed my instructors. Plus, the material you learn will have you set to start up your own gunsmithing shop with confidence!” – Stephen Turner

Class Is In Session

Supporting businesses like the Sonoran Desert Institute helps promote the rights of responsible gun owners across your community.

Students and 2A-friendly business owners should look no further than the Sonoran Desert Institute for a well-rounded curriculum and hands-on experience, with even more special perks for U.S. & Texas LawShield members to come. Keep your eyes open!

For more information about the Sonoran Desert Institute, call their toll-free number at (844) 238-0165 or visit their website at https://sdi.edu.

1555 W. University Dr., Ste. 103

Tempe, AZ 85281


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Members Get 10% off at TALON Grips

As a member of U.S. LawShield, you have access to Member Perks from a national network of more than 3,000 affiliate gun ranges, gun stores, and various retailers. These 2A-friendly Perks provide a little something extra to our Members—a “Thank You” from us for your loyalty. This week, we’re taking a look at TALON Grips and what they offer you as part of your Member Perks.


TALON Grips improve your grasp on your firearms in all weather conditions. TALON Grips have a U.S. Patented design for a one-piece grip that wraps around the handle of your gun. The grip provides complete coverage while adding less than half of a millimeter in bulk. Every TALON Grip is designed in Northwest Colorado and 100% made in the U.S.A.

Each grip is specifically designed for each firearm model. Textures include granulate and rubber. Granulate texture is reminiscent of skateboard tape and is better suited for holster carry and competition shooting. The textured rubber is more commonly used for concealed carry and is less likely to snag on clothing.

History of TALON Grips

TALON Grips was founded in 2009 by Derik Losinger, an Arizona park ranger and boat sheriff. He created the first grip using an Exacto Knife and skateboard tape to combat his sweaty hands in the sweltering Arizona summers. When other law enforcement officers saw his work, they were impressed and asked him to create grips for their firearms—TALON Grips was born.

In 2010, TALON Grips stopped using skateboard tape and began producing their own granulate material grips. This new material was much thinner and was designed to cleanly attach and be removed from polymer. The next year, TALON Grips rolled out their rubber material and began creating more intricate designs in-house with laser cutting technology.

U.S. LawShield Affiliation

TALON Grips proudly offers a 10% discount online to our U.S. LawShield members (with free shipping and handling, of course). Simply log in to your Member Portal to take advantage of this perk. Not yet a member? Sign up now.

Supporting businesses like TALON Grips helps promote the rights of responsible gun owners across your community. For more information about TALON Grips, make sure to call 970-879-9600 or visit their website at https://talongungrips.com.

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Member Perk: A Girl and A Gun

In this edition of Member Perks, learn about A Girl and A Gun from none other than Julianna Crowder, the founder and spirit behind the group. Also, watch to view the footage of their recent 6th annual national conference in Burnet, Texas.

Her Story

JULIANNA: I was a firearms instructor for going on 5 years, and I was not seeing my business grow with the female market like I thought it would. So, I started identifying the no’s that I was getting from women—either no time, no money in the family budget, they were not interested, or they felt they knew enough. I addressed all of those no’s and turned them into a fun “yes”; a girl’s night out at the range—no pressure, no expectations. Just come out and give it a try.

Our Girl and a Gun national conference is our biggest event of the year. It is something that is very special to us because we bring women in of all training levels, abilities, and interest, and we provide them with opportunities to see what realistic training is; when you go into a big group class and usually you are the only girl in a group of 20 guys. So, it provides the opportunity to meet instructors and to find out what it’s like to be out on the range. Depending on the woman that comes to AGAG event, she has different goals in mind. Some of that might be just to learn how to use a firearm for personal defense, some want to learn for the recreation and competition aspect. So, wherever a girl comes in, we are there to meet her where she is and then help her achieve these goals. We have some of the best facilitators and instructors that work with us at a national and local level, and we have a sisterhood and a community that really understands the mission that we are working towards every day.

Learn More
If you want more information about A Girl and A Gun, you can go to agirlandagun.org. And as always, check out uslawshield.com and head to our “Perks” page for more information on the member perks available near you.

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Get Set for Your Next Fishing Trip with JH Custom Rods 

Summer is in high gear and as you look to head out on your next fishing trip you might need a new fishing rod. One place you should consider is our latest member perk JH Custom Rods.  Watch our video to find out more about JH Custom Rods and see more highlights from the Houston Boat Show 

Get ready for your next fishing trip and access your Member Perks to support other 2A businesses like JH Custom Rods.

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Real Avid Introduces New AR15 Master Bench Block

gunsmith, ar15, ar, 15, air force, usaf, real avid, master bench block,
(U.S. Air Force photo/Robbin Cresswell)


The Master Bench Block allows, even new AR-15 owners to disassemble, clean, and reassemble their firearms without losing roll pins, anti-walk pins, or those small little springs that, easily get lost.


The Master Bench Block allows you to put all 14 critical pins into their own slots. These slots are engraved and molded with magnets to ensure that no small parts disappear.


According Real Avid the block has, “engraved on the ultra-tough engineering grade surface are clear component labels marked with pin punch sizes to make determining what component to place where and what pins to use, simple… on the backside of the block, to capture pins and keep them from rolling away, are embedded magnets and, to keep your pins from getting lost, a pin storage section is included.”


The MSRP is $29 and The Master Bench Block can be bought directly from Real Avid today.



U.S. LawShield® members enjoy hefty discounts on firearms, ammo, and accessories like this one at many nationwide retailers and gun ranges through our Member Perks program. Sign up now to start saving.


Original article can be found here




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Support Your Local Gun Store

The news has been filled with stories of big box chain stores, Wal-Mart, Dick’s Sporting Goods, and others, declaring they will no longer sell “assault-style” rifles. They have also declared they will not sell any firearm or ammunition to a person under the age of 21. If you’re between the ages of 18 and 21, you might be asking yourself how can I exercise my Second Amendment legal right to purchase a long gun? Or, if you’re a stringent supporter of the Second Amendment you may not want to support companies who don’t support the Second Amendment and are asking yourself what can I do? The answer to both questions is simple— support your local gun store.

Small Businesses: The Heartbeat of America

Small businesses, such as your local gun stores have been the heart of the American economy since the colonial days. Local gunsmiths during the American Revolution were a vital part in providing the Colonial Army firearms to be able to win independence from the British. With the second amendment under attack, it is more important than ever to support your local gun store.

U.S. & Texas LawShield is proud to be able to partner with many local gun stores across the country. These partners make up a large portion of our 2A Member Perks. Many Member Perks partners offer discounts to our members on firearms and accessories. Members, be sure to check out your Member Portal to see the discounts offered, and please continue to support the local stores and shops who do not infringe on YOUR Second Amendment rights.

Let us know your favorite gun store in the comments below.

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Take Grilling Season to the Next Level This Year!

Brand Ambassador Germaine Baur brings you your latest Member Perk just in time for the start of grilling season. Grill Your Ass Off has all of your grilling needs covered. Watch our video to learn more about the company and about the great perks you receive!

Germaine Baur: Hi, everyone G Gun Girl here, Brand Ambassador for U.S. & Texas LawShield. We are grilling up some Texas Fried today, so you can taste the freedom here today at Grill Your Ass Off. It is a veteran owned, veteran proud. Mr. Jason, how are you sir?
Jason Murff: Wonderful how about yourself?
Germaine: Oh we’re doing great! Better now, I mean all these spices are so wonderful. I want all of our U.S. LawShield members to know everything there is to know about Grill Your Ass Off. Tell me, should we start with spices or should we put these yummy steaks on the grill?
Jason: So the steaks on the grill and then we’ll come back to the spices.
Germaine: Why don’t we break these spices down one by one to tell everybody what they all mean with all the names and all the spices and ingredients.
Jason: Perfect, let’s head over.
Germaine: Let’s do it.
Jason: We’ve got six different spices. Our newest one is Crispy’s Mango Habanero. We just partnered up with Omar Avilia, his nickname is Crispy. Right now, it’s our number two seller. Gunpowder is still number one, but it’s quickly becoming a favorite.
Germaine: Now, what makes Gunpowder the favorite?
Jason: Due to the fact it’s different from anything you’ve ever seen. It features FDA approved charcoal inside there, so you want that perfect looking black bark. The activated charcoal doesn’t really give you a ton of flavor, but it gives you that perfect deep rich color that you’re looking for in a brisket. Next up, we got Infidel Pork
Rub, which is gonna be a brown sugar chipotle pepper style mix. So it’s gonna be sweet and then follow up with
some heat to it, and since it’s going on pork we couldn’t come up with a better name other than infidel, so it fits all of us 2A members well. Claymore Cajun seasoning is going to be our Creole style seasoning with a ton of flavor. So we decided to put a crawfish on there for the Cajun style, and that Claymore because a claymore is a small pack but it has a really big explosion. Small amount of ingredients, large amount of flavor. We got Willy Pete Chicken Seasoning. Willy Pete chicken seasoning is gonna be a Southwest garlic style seasoning really great on chicken, but kind of like a seasonal it’s gonna have less than 2% salt out of the seasoning and it’s great
on everything. We have our Ma Deuce steak seasoning. This was our first seasoning. It’s a heavier granulated style seasoning, so you get a lot more of a bold flavor once it’s done.
Germaine: You know what I love about all your seasonings, and district company in general Jason, is
that you’re very second amendment friendly. How important was that to integrate you know veteran and Second
Amendment and the rights into your company.
Jason: I wanted to basically be able to have any veteran, family of a veteran, active military, or Second Amendment user pick this up and automatically feel a connection to it. If I can get someone to pick this up and get a laugh out of it, so that’s the meaning behind Grill Your Ass Off and all of our labels tell our members.
Germaine: How do we find Grill Your Ass Off?
Jason: So you can go to GrillYourAssOff.com. We’ve got a bunch of new apparel coming. We do have a new seasoning coming soon. I’ll let it out right now it’s a taco and fajita seasoning, and we have a retail locator on there so you’ll be able to find all of our retail locations that sell the seasonings. We have a sample pack available on our website, and they also have a couple of different combo packs. So if you want to get two, three, or
all six we have different price breaks in it to help you save as much as possible.
Germaine: Okay Jason, so I’m excited. The steaks are done, the potatoes are done, which seasonings did you use for these steaks and the potatoes?
Germaine: So we did two steaks with our Ma Deuce steak seasoning, which is our original steak seasoning. We
followed up with another two steaks with our Gunpowder steak and brisket seasoning, and then we finished our
potatoes with some Willy Pete Chicken seasoning, which typically is our most universal style seasoning. A lot of people are held back because they see a cow on the label, or they see steak and
brisket on the label, but expand it out use it as salt and pepper put it on anything that’s gonna enhance your
Germaine: Your seasoning have no MSG in them.
Jason: Everything stays as organic as we possibly can get. We are made here inside Texas, are 100% veteran owned, veteran operated, and we are certified go Texan members, so we give back as much as we can to the veteran and Texan community members.
Germaine: Members don’t forget go online to GrillYourAssOff.com promo code is USLS for the member perk. Also, be sure to take a look at our website at uslawshield.com and you are going to see Grill Your Ass Off on the Perks page. Until next time, remember stay armed and stay educated.
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Calling All Cowboys and Cowgirls, Allen’s Western Wear Has You Covered

Looking your best is important when you head out to two-step, boot scoot, or rodeo. But finding your best look all in one place isn’t always the easiest. Now, with our latest Member Perk Allen’s Western Wear it is. Watch Brand Ambassador Germaine Baur in our latest video to find out more. Be sure to check out our other Member Perks, in your Member Portal, to take advantage of all your membership has to offer.

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