Breaking News: Florida Passes Restrictive New Gun Laws


We have heard your questions and concerns about the passage of SB 7026. Independent Program Attorney David Katz is here to answer these questions through a series of blog posts about different sections of the law. Click on the links below.

Bump Stocks

Firearms Purchase Age

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Will Your State Follow Florida’s Lead and Pass Restrictive New Gun Laws?

Earlier this afternoon Florida Governor Rick Scott signed Florida SB 7026 into law.

Watch Independent Program Attorney David Katz explaining the new law.

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23 comments on “Breaking News: Florida Passes Restrictive New Gun Laws

    When does this new law go into effect??

    Does the “guardian” school program apply to colleges/college professors, or only public schools through high school?

    If so, are schools and colleges required to allow qualified individual employeees to apply/participate in such a program, or is it entirely at the discretion of the police, school, or somebody else?

    Obviously, I have about 100 other questions about that, but let’s just start with those two.

    There are people that can fire a weapon faster then someone using a bumpstock.

    So what if you already had a bump stock. It can’t be legal for the state to demand you get rid of it without compensation or something or you should be allowed to keep it if it was pre ban

    feel its a law done panic and haste if someone can vote serve in the armed forces there just as much a citzen as anyone else!

      As someone stated earlier a shooter with a semi-automatic rifle who can fire the rifle as fast as he can pull the trigger, can out-shoot a bump-stock quite easily. And since large capacity magazines have not been banned,what did the banning of bump-stocks really do?
      All the law did was attack our 2nd amendment rights.

    This video is not available?

      Thanks for your comment, Don. Because so many people were coming to watch, some people had difficulty loading the video. Please check back!

    Mr. Katz,

    I understand the bill even as you described same. However, toward the last section you state …an individual must complete 132 hours of fire safety… I know the intent of the Bill and your intended message was aimed( no pun intended) at “live-fire, but may be construed to mean ” fire safety as , extinguishers, etc.

    Suggest insert verbiage of “live firing of firearms”, or the like.

    Thank you. I’m also a member and reo with US LAWSHIELD and proud of Our program.

    Thank you for the information. This sounds reasonable. I was worried that this would be another assault weapons law, but it is not that. I can tell that a lot of thought went into this bill on both sides of the aisle.

    does this make binary triggers illegal in FL. ?

      How does this sound reasonable? If you own a bump stock there is no grandfathering or a buy back you will simply have to turn over you property without compensation. Secondly you can no longer purchase a firearm for any reason under the age of 21, (which is infringing on thier second amendment rights) through a dealer whom would conduct a background check and have you wait the 3 or 5 day wait [depending on the county the purchase takes place] meaning that they will have to buy a firearm privately and with no screening what so ever.. Last but most certainly not least law enforcement can confiscate all your firearms and ammo with just a “claim” that you are a danger to yourself or anyone else. This goes against your fourth amendment rights and makes it up to you to prove that your not guilty.

      Oh yeah and the guardian program is bull $#!t as it has to be allowed by the county and school, cant be a full time teacher, requires a 132 hour firearms training, pass a psychological evaluation, pass a drug test, and complete12 hours of diversity training. On an annual basis….. Governor Rick Scott has already got permission from the Senate to redirect the money set aside for this when no one uses the money and with how difficult this is i dont see ANYONE doing it. I speculate this was just set up so when the next school shooting takes place they can say “hay look arming teachers doesn’t help”.

    For the school guardianship program, is there a requirement that the guardian must keep the firearm on their person, to keep from having the potential of a firearm falling into the hands of an untrained student.

      Sounds to me like there is a lot of you out there with something to hide. I enjoy my sidearm and well as my long guns, but what the hell are any of us going to go with fully automatic weapons if we’re not looking to cause havic with them. Are they fun? Yes!! But that is it!!!! As parents, left or right wing, we screwed the putsch when we started trusting our kids, of all ages, but stopped verifying there bulls#it. You stopped listening. Do you know where your kids are right this minute, to include your college ones? I do! Did you teach them to be observant, to pay attention to their surroundings, or do they cower at the 1st sign of violence. Spend time with your kids, not you weapon of choice. We wouldn’t be in this situation if we did just that, 20 years ago. It’s too late guys, so suck it up butter cup. This law doesn’t hurt anyone, it just tighten the grip on the greedy billion dollar industry that sells to everyone.

    I agree with these new laws.

    since this law made about 50%of all FL.residents felons,when will they be put in jail?

      These laws are a simplistic knee-jerk reaction to a much larger issue, and are also logically fallacious. It is not the fault of the inanimate tool, I.E., The rifle or handgun, for the actions of the mentally ill or malevolent individuals who use them to commit acts of mass murder and terrorism. It is squarely the fault of the person pulling the trigger. Look at what rcently happened in Austin Texas, with a serial bomber sending explosive devices via fedex, then TO fedex, or dropping them off himself to various residences in the Ausitn area. Making these laws will solve NOTHING, will NOT save ONE life, and will not stop violence. Take away the guns, oit come expedient explosive devices, mass stabbings, the weaponization of cars, trucks, planes, busses, trains, tie irons, baseball bats, hammers, poisons, persistant chemical and neurological agents. A person intent on mass murder will always find a way to commit their heinous acts. This is a mental health issue, not a firearms issue. Criminals do not follow laws, to them, the laws are blobs of ink on paper that are meaningless to them.

    As Jacques Ellul rightly stated, “Politics is the sphere of the greatest affirmation of man’s autonomy on his revolt of his pretentious attempt to play God.” The state of FL did not create these new gun laws; a small cabal of illegitimate tyrants created the new laws. And no one should obey them. Nevertheless, Floridians will toe the new legal line, notwithstanding it being unlawful and sinful. That the po-po is exempt from the waiting period is laughable, given the FBI’s repeated proof that cops commit more crimes each year than handgun permit holders do. #smh

    Why is it we always have conversations on what amount of gun control is needed or OK, but never is it mentioned and promoted we have a Constitutional RIGHT to keep & carry firearms?! Florida’s new laws sound good, BUT, its only the door to more & more gun laws to infringe on the RIGHTS of legal ,law aboding citizens…Why isn’t THAT teh issue here??!! -Scott-

    Well, we’ll call it a net gain for now. Anything that can break the interlock of the kooky-left’s stranglehold on school security policy is probably worth tossing a few of these paltry ‘feelgood’ policies to the hand-wringing liberals, so maybe they will stick their heads back in the sand. Most of these tired old restrictions can be rolled back or effectively annulled by the responsible gun owners in Florida. The goofy age limit is dumb, but none of the age limits for anything else have ever been consistent either. Bump stocks were a stupid idea from the jump. The existence of those things could never do any good for our cause, whatsoever, and they are not suitable for military use (i.e., militia), either. I don’t know how the BATFE-I-E-I-O could have ever considered these things any safer (due to inherent lack of accuracy) or more appropriate to the purpose of the prefatory clause of the 2nd amendment than select-fire weapons with 3-round burst that our military currently carries. From the pro-gun point of view, bump stocks can’t represent anything better to the perennial debate than an obvious skirt of the intent of the current state of law on the books, when what we *SHOULD* have focused on is repealing NFA/GCA across the board. Some equivalent of Lexington and Concord should have happened all over again in 1934, but it didn’t – to the eternal shame of our forbears.
    “It may well be true today that a militia, to be as
    effective as militias in the 18th century, would require
    sophisticated arms that are highly unusual in society at
    large.” – D.C. v Heller, pg. 55. There simply shouldn’t be any REASON for bump stocks; the same line of reasoning that struck down the ban of an entire class of weapons in D.C. in spite of any implication of requisite service in a militia certainly applies directly to that class of weapons MOST appropriate for militia service. Justice Scalia left us the very language to bring before the high court to repeal NFA/GCA.

    The best solution to school shootings is to repeal all gun free school zone laws; then turn the decision back to local individual school districts for parents to vote on by referendum if the school their kids go to have armed security, concealed carry staff, or just continue declaring themselves ‘sitting duck’ zones.

    Whatever the outcome, if parents do not like the protection, or lack thereof, for their kids in school, they can pull them out & home school them, send them to a charter school or some other school that protects their kids the way parents want. Give the freedom and power back to the parents to decide! -Scott-

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