Introducing the
most comprehensive (and affordable)
Legal Defense for Self Defense

Introducing the
most comprehensive (and affordable)
Legal Defense for Self Defense

There’s nothing more important. Protecting your family and property.

By joining our community of members, you can count on our self-defense coverage, with meaningful options and benefits that make a real difference.

Concealed Carry Coverage



The best way to protect your Second Amendment rights is at the ballot box. Thank you for continuing to make your voice heard throughout this great nation. At U.S. LawShield, we provide our 500,000+ members with updates of the ever-changing local and federal laws regarding Second Amendment rights.

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What does membership provide?


Emergency Attorney Hotline

An attorney will answer your emergency call ANYTIME.

In your greatest time of need, you’ll have immediate access to an actual attorney when you have an emergency. That’s anytime – even if it’s 3 a.m. on a holiday morning. No answering service, no call center representatives here or overseas. With us, you’ll be talking with an actual attorney who is critically important to you in gaining timely professional advice with attorney-client privilege.

Imagine having
ALL attorneys’ fees covered
for self-defense.

Your membership will stand with you throughout the full legal process. In some cases, the “nightmare” doesn’t end with your acquittal in criminal court – there may be appeals, retrials, or even a civil lawsuit brought against you. Uniquely, your U.S. LawShield® membership is with you in both criminal and civil court with no out-of-pocket expenses beyond the membership fee.

Our approach means
we’ll do whatever it takes.

Building your case to win in court is a long and typically expensive undertaking. However, with your U.S. LawShield membership, you won’t pay a penny more than your membership fee. No matter how many hours, days or whatever time it takes to defend your liberties in the courtroom, we will have your back – no limits. And there’s no cap to the amount of money we will spend to defend you.

Why would a law-abiding citizen
need a criminal defense attorney?

It may be surprising, but most people don’t consider the act of self-defense a “crime”. Chances are all parties involved will be part of an investigation and charges against either side may result. In an instant, you may have protected the ones you love, only to find your freedom is at stake. In that moment, you will immediately need to find, contract and pay for a local criminal defense attorney.

Your membership works in so many more ways…

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Over 500,000 Members Strong and Growing

Learn their stories:

Lisa Bruning

Lisa B.

Highly recommend signing up. This is so worth having just for peace of mind. People are so eager to sue over nothing these days and in some cases, get away with it. Being able to retain top notch lawyers, with an arsenal of information to back us up, is amazing! For pennies on the dollar too.
-Facebook Reviews

DC Harrington

North Carolina

I was a member when I was charged with assault for defending myself and my wife. During the incident my shoulder was broken and I now have a plate and 10 screws in the joint. The NC program attorneys are 2 of the most well respected attorneys in the state and they represented me. I was cleared of all charges last week and the 2 assailants were convicted for assault and assault inflicting serious injury. I had only been a member for 48 hours when I needed US Law Shield to have my back and they did.
-Facebook Reviews

Steve Bowker

Steve B.

I signed up the night of your presentation…it was awesome, I learned so much…THANK YOU!!! I’ve never carried on a full time basis due to my apprehension of what would happen when and if I had to deploy my firearm. It’s great to have that peace of mind knowing I have experienced attorneys in my corner should that time ever arrive!!!!
-Facebook Reviews

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“You protect what matters most, and can trust we’ll be there for you – every step of the way.”

P.J. Hermosa
Chief Executive Officer

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““You protect what matters most, and can trust we’ll be there for you – every step of the way.”

P.J. Hermosa
Chief Executive Officer