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Back-to-School season is officially upon us. We know you’re out and about, picking up all the supplies your children need to head back to school. But while you’re out, we encourage you to stop by one of our partnering 2A friendly stores and put your member perks to work. Through our 2A Member Perks Program, all of our members have access to some smoking hot deals. One store we’re excited to be partners with is 5.11 Tactical.

With your U.S. & Texas LawShield® membership, any in-store purchase at the 5.11 Tactical – San Antonio or Houston location is 10% off with your LawShield member card.

Don’t see your city listed for 5.11? Don’t worry! We’re working on adding more stores nationwide to our list. But if you’re a member traveling to the state of Texas and want to visit either San Antonio or Houston; the discount applies to you too!

Purpose-Built Gear at 5.11 Tactical

5.11 is known for creating “purpose-built gear for the most demanding missions” ensuring that, like their motto says, you will Always Be Ready.

First Aid for Gunshot Wounds 2A Institute

Robert Soruco, 5.11 Tactical – San Antonio store manager, shared that 5.11 stands for what used to be known as “the hardest and most difficult climb you could do.”  Meaning, they create gear that’s built to last you through even the most demanding missions.

One of their original and most popular products, the tactical pant, was introduced to the FBI in 2003. They are also the Official Tactical Apparel & Gear Supplier of NASCAR, among many other racing and motorsport organizations.

Innovation is what drives their commitment to creating products that are durable and that last, which is why tactical professionals and enthusiasts worldwide trust their brand.

What to Look For

If you’ve never been to 5.11 Tactical, then you’re in for a treat! The store carries an array of goods from menswear and womenswear all the way to backpacks, concealed carry handbags, and even gear for our Law Enforcement, Military, Fire and EMS professionals.

For our female members, we think you’ll be particularly excited about the selection of clothing and handbags 5.11 offers. It’s the same great 5.11 quality, with a feminine twist.

  • • Durable quality items built for even the most demanding missions.
  • • 5.11 offers large selection of items for our CHL holders.
  • • Concealed Carry backpacks, perfect for back-to-school.
  • • Variety of sizes and styles in women’s clothing and accessories.
  • • 10% discount in-store at the San Antonio and Houston locations.


It’s important to invest in a bag that’s durable and built specifically for CHL holders. 5.11 Tactical offers a large selection of backpacks.

Senior Sales Associate Nick Wright mentioned that these backpacks are preferred among parents as they want to purchase something that will last. So, you can rest assured that your purchase will go the extra mile, and when your child leaves for college, they can handle the Campus Carry Law with ease.

Get Behind the Shield!

With 5.11 Tactical, you can be sure that you will Always Be Ready.

At U.S. & Texas LawShield, it’s always been our mission as the nation’s original legal defense for self-defense program to provide our members with the best in coverage and customer service. Take advantage of your member perks with 5.11 Tactical. It’s our way of saying thanks for being a member.

And remember to stay connected, stay informed, and stay protected with U.S. & Texas LawShield.




First Aid for Gunshot Wounds 2A Institute

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14 comments on “5.11 Tactical – Always Be Ready

  1. Where is the new 5.11 Tactical store be in Arlington, TX. ? I saw an employment advertisement for them. Excited to see another gun friendly business coming to the metro-plex. Thank you!

  2. Can you please get the Frisco, Tx 5.11 store included?

    • Hi Neil. Thank you for your comment. We cannot guarantee that other locations will offer a deal to our members. Our Brand Ambassador personally reaches out to each of these stores to secure these deals. We hope to have more locations in the future.

  3. Why not the same discount at 511 in Frisco???????

    • Hi Robert. Our Brand Ambassador personally reaches out to each of these stores to secure deals for our members. Our hope is that in the future, we will have deals at different locations for all of our members to enjoy.

  4. Most of us do not live near one of these stores and it is only 10% discount. If 5.11 made it available no matter where bought, internet or store, then it might mean more to the Texas Law Shield members.

    • Hi Tom. Thank you for your input! Our Brand Ambassador personally reaches out to each of these stores to secure deals for our members. We can’t speak to the online discount, however, we can say that she is working hard to have deals available in other states for all of our members to enjoy.

  5. If it is going to be a perk, then it should be available for all members. Just saying>>

    • Hi Robert. We apologize for the inconvenience. Our Brand Ambassador is currently reaching out to more stores to try and secure deals in other states for all of our members to enjoy.

  6. I agree with most of these comments. Why not work on perks for all members?

  7. What about getting this deal available at 5.11.com

    • Hi Jack. Unfortunately, this Member Perk is only available in-store. We encourage you to check out our Member Perks page where we have lots of other great deals that are available online.

  8. I live in Colorado and we have a 5:11 tactical store nearby are we eligible for the discount to or is it just Texas which means another form of discrimination against our state purchasing power

    • Hi Walter. For now, these perks are only available in Houston and San Antonio. Please check back soon as our Brand Ambassador is working to add more locations for our members.

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