Becoming a 2A Partner Comes with Perks

As the authority on all things Second Amendment, we strive to support you as the go-to resource for self-defense legal education. You can count on U.S. LawShield® to assist with the following:

  • Increased market exposure;
  • Access to our Independent Program Attorneys;

  • Legal training for instructors;

  • Classroom and in-store materials;

  • Revenue-producing opportunities; and

  • Much more!


The benefits of U.S. LawShield far exceed the competition! Together, we can work toward gaining more customers for your business.

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We help you grow your business, educate your community, and support your Second Amendment rights and freedoms.

Zero Cost to You

  • No capital investment or upfront costs.

  • No charge for any provided advertising materials.

  • No costs for joint educational or training events.

Co-Marketing with U.S. LawShield

  • Your business expands to reach our member base of over 700,000 through our exclusive Member Perks Program.

  • We send local representatives to visit your facility and speak with your customers.

  • Payments to you based on the number of member sign-ups generated from your facility.

Event & Seminar Hosting

  • Drives new customers to your business and spreads your influence throughout your community.

  • Enhances your educational experience with access to our network of experienced attorneys, law enforcement officials, and industry professionals.

  • Provides hosting assistance for your educational events at no cost to you.

What Your Customers Get with U.S. LawShield

  • FREEDOMPROTECTEDSM: Powerful legal defense coverage if members are ever forced to act in self-defense.
  • PREMIER COVERAGE, AFFORDABLE PRICE: Quality coverage starting at just $10.95 per month.

  • NO CAPS, LIMITS, OR DEDUCTIBLES: Zero attorneys’ fees for criminal or civil proceedings–even for appeals.

  • AttorneyResponse 365®: 24/7/365 self-defense emergency access to an attorney-answered hotline with immediate attorney-client privilege.
  • THE AUTHORITY IN SELF-DEFENSE LEGAL EDUCATION: Unlimited access to exclusive members-only essential educational content and resources.