Law Shield has seen demonstrations of people allowing themselves to be shot with handguns while wearing bullet-resistant vests, and we always felt squeamish about the process. Because the operative word in the previous sentence is “resistant.” And then there’s another word: “missing.” We don’t want to promote anything dangerous.

Still, we expect some Law Shield members, like us, wonder what it feels like to be shot while wearing a bulletproof vest. We’ve considered buying body armor from time to time, so we’re curious about what the downstream effect is.

Below, BulletSafe Bulletproof Vests presents a video that shows you what it would feel like to be shot. But they use a water-filled target to show the effect of the impact of being shot, then they hit that same target with a rubber mallet and a baseball bat so that you can compare the impacts to each other.

It’s a great lesson in what it might feel like to be shot while wearing a bulletproof vest — without endangering anyone.