Thank You, Veterans!

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For more than half a century America has celebrated and honored our veterans on November 11th. Here at U.S. LawShield, we join our voices with those of our patriots across this great nation in gratitude and heartfelt thanks for the incredible sacrifices these brave men and women have made.

They are more than soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines; they are heroes. And so are their families and loved ones.

Which is why we are proud to have many of these veterans as a part of our team here at U.S. LawShield. We are forever grateful for their sacrifices and are humbled that we’re able to protect their rights as they have protected our freedom.

To all veterans and active duty members of the armed forces, we will always remember and honor your willingness to serve because our freedom reminds us every day.

Happy Veterans Day!

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7 comments on “Thank You, Veterans!

  1. It is with greatful honor and respect given to all dedicated men and women who served our great country..Thank You
    It is with heavy heart.. to think of past history…lives given and lives taken..
    Thanks to all members and their families

  2. To those who have served and to those still serving and their families as well, I wish the happiest veterans day ever. May the good Lord Jesus continue blessing you all.
    Luis Burgos
    U.S. Army Retired

  3. I am a Navy Veteran and I am a U.S. Law Shield Member. We Veterans always appreciate the thanks we receive, it has not always been that way and it is very gratifying to hear people acknowledging our HERO’s who never made it home.

  4. To those that have served, are serving and to those that gave their all, I wish each and every one a gracious Veterans Day.
    Being a member of USLawShield has given me much needed security while using my 2A rights!!
    HT1 (ret) USNR 69-73/75-92

  5. Thank you for recognizing us veterans active and retired. Thank you US law shield for what you do for us veterans and law-enforcement. Please keep up the good work.

  6. iam a navy veteran and a vetnam disable vet. i will joining us law shied soon i thank you all for your service

  7. At six months old I had Polio, and was effected to where I needed leg braces and crutches which have in my later years put me in a powerwheel chair. However, just because I was not able to serve my country in the Military certainly does not mean I do not appreciate those who did! The Veterans in this country are to be admired for their sacrifices! Thank you from some who did not get to serve!

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